What QA Doesn’t Evaluate on Calls

What QA Doesn't Evaluate on Calls

Here is what you’ve been measuring when it comes to QA:

  • Call handle time
  • First contact resolution
  • Following the script

But we have data on what ACTUALLY matters and what your current QA solution isn’t evaluating. It may surprise you!

Here is an example of a Financial Services customer. It proves that the “lowest” or “highest” KPIs aren’t always the best.

P.S. Sandi is the best performing agent for this customer.

Financial Services Company

This chart is based on 1,000 calls per agent

Here are 4 things your current QA system isn’t evaluating but should be…

1. Patience in responses

Patience can make or break a phone call. Answer too fast, you may be interrupting. Answer too slow and the person might get agitated.

When it comes to sales calls, patience is your best friend. Prospects are likely to spill the beans when there is an awkward silence.

On customer service/support calls, it can have the opposite effect.

For customer service calls, answering questions within 1 second results in an 11% decrease in AHT.

For sales calls, waiting 2.1 seconds after an objection leads to longer sales calls which is more likely to turn into an opportunity.

2. Interruptions

Some say that interruptions play a pivotal role during calls.

We see the exact opposite. Regardless of whether it’s a sales call or a customer service call.

Interrupting a customer or prospect can create tension. The numbers don’t lie from the millions of calls we’ve analyzed.

Every time you interrupt, the CSAT score from a call can drop by 3.2% or more because the person feels like they aren’t being heard.

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