How Customer Acquisition Group achieved an 83% decrease in QA time

Customer Acquisition Group (CAG) is a dedicated agency serving consumers and homeowners, both domestic and nearshore.

From sales to customer retention to billing and collections, CAG delivers dependable services to its client base.

CAG must maintain high quality assurance levels to ensure their agents are providing a great representation of their clients.



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“The icing on the cake is that before with a small QA team we could only listen to so many calls, but with Abstrakt we can listen to every call as if I had a QA team of 400 people.”

brittany Montgomery

Brittany Montgomery

QC Manager at Customer Acquisition Group

The Challenge

Customer Acquisition Group (CAG) was constantly trying to find ways to speed up its QA process to listen to more calls as the company grew.

From adding standardized forms to hiring inbound QA agents for live monitoring to allowing new hires to help with QA during training, they couldn’t keep up with the demand.

The Solution

Abstrakt has drastically changed CAG’s QA process by allowing its QA team to be more efficient and effective.

What used to take one hour of monitoring calls, now takes 10 minutes using Abstrakt.

Managers are benefiting from Abstrakt as they receive feedback from the QA team within minutes all packaged up in one place via Abstrakt’s Call Scorecard. They know exactly how agents are performing or not performing and can fix it in real-time.

Agents are improving with the real-time guidance portion of Abstrakt as they are hitting their script points and responding to targeted rebuttals faster.

The Results

  • Quality Assurance Time: Abstrakt has reduced CAG’s QA time by 83%, making their team more efficient and effective without having to add manpower.
  • Sales Per Hour: Agents increased their Sales Per Hour (SPH) by 300% within a week after using Abstrakt.
  • Agent Performance Metrics: CAG can identify in real-time any gaps in agent performance that may cause compliance issues or a decrease in customer satisfaction.

“Abstrakt is extremely user-friendly. It takes so little work from my end to determine where the agent’s performance is at. It’s an amazing tool for quality assurance”

brittany Montgomery

Brittany Montgomery

QC Manager at Customer Acquisition Group

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