Building trust & achieving results with conversational intelligence

Building Trust & achieving results with Conversational Intelligence

Conversational intelligence is NOT the same as real-time. If companies are saying “real-time” when talking about analytics or insights, that’s just a … The reason you can build trust with conversational intelligence is you can take a step back and see the journey of your prospect. What have they been … While conversational intelligence helps you understand your prospect after …

Lio Slama

What it takes to be successful in the SaaS world

The type of people who are successful in a startup like to take initiative. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked for a “big named” company or if you’re straight out of college. The question you need to ask yourself is …. Lio Slama, CEO & Co-Founder at AskNeo, joined us on The Startup Sidekick podcast to talk all about startup life and how to be successful.

Call Center Playbook: The Do's and Don'ts

Call Center Playbook: The Do’s and Don’ts

This is a no brainer. But most managers spend too much time on this instead of automating their QA and compliance. Find …. When turnover is high, onboarding becomes even more important. You should have a solid … Sure, more negative feedback will come in than positive. But this is still a great way to see the …

How your insurance agents could be selling more with Call Analytics Software

Why your insurance agents could be selling more with better call analytics software

First, we need to understand the main tools your agents should be equipped with. Without … From that software, you can create the following helpful training tools: QA Scorecard, CSAT Surveys … But only if they’re given the right guidance and tools to make that happen. This is where call analytics software comes in …