Month: January 2021

Outbound Prospecting

Outbound Prospecting Outbound Prospecting - Skip Miller

The first sales book I ever read was Skip Miller’s best selling book, ProActive Selling. To say we are excited to have him join us on ABSTRAKT’s podcast is an understatement, especially on the eve of his newest book coming out, Outbounding. Together, we dive into some helpful hints on what sales teams can be doing differently to find success in Outbound Prospecting in today’s modern sales environment. 

Advancing Your Career From Home

Advancing Your Career From Home Sam Jacobs - Podcast Advancing Your Career From Home

Revenue Collective has become a staple in the B2B Sales Community, gaining popularity as sales leaders and reps look to connect, and share best practices. Today, on the ABSTRAKT podcast, we are lucky to have the founder, Sam Jacobs join us to share what his community is doing to help members progress their careers, along with a few tips and tricks to land that next promotion! 

Challenges of Remote Onboarding SDRS

Challenges of Remote Onboarding SDRS Sally Duby - Challenges of Onboarding Remote SDRs

The Sales Development Playbook has helped many leaders grow SDR orgs across the world! As the Chief Sales Officer at The Bridge Group,  Sally Duby knows a thing or two about ramping a SDR team. She joins us on Abstrakt’s podcast to share a few tips and tricks about ramping SDRs in a completely remote environment. Some hints at what you might learn from our time together: 1.) Tenacity and Persistence are still key to success. Never going to change. 2.) Never stop experimenting with messaging and approaches 3.) Don’t give up, it’s cliche but no matter what set a schedule and maintain a routine! 

Sales Enablement 3.0

Sales Enablement 3.0 Sales Enabler - Roderick Jefferson

Who better to discuss Sales Enablement on today’s podcast, than the guy who came up with the term! Abstrakt is honored to have Roderick Jefferson, CEO of Roderick Jefferson and Associates join us today to help our listeners bring their sales and marketing teams together. On the eve of his new book. Sales Enablement 3.0: The Blueprint to Sales Enablement Success, we learned a few things that really stuck with us. 1.) Teach your sellers about the journey your buyers go through 2.) For folks looking to get into Sales Enablement, make sure your performance is judged on top line revenue first and foremost – nothing else matters! Can’t wait for the world to read your book Roderick Jefferson. 

Stop Accelerating The Suck

Stop Accelerating The Suck Stop Accelerating the Suck Podcast with Richard Harris

Why Teachers make great reps, and the missing middle piece of the Sales Triangle – should be good times. We are lucky to have Richard Harris, Founder of Harris Consulting Group join us today on the ABSTRAKT Podcast. Walking away from our time with Richard, we learned a few things: 1.) Teachers make great sales reps – they can teach and have patience. 2.) Don’t accelerate the suck – more meetings don’t always equal more revenue. 3.) Talk about the pain you solve, not what you do! Love the brutal honesty Richard Harris. 

Are Outside Sales Skills Transferable to Inside Sales?

Are Outside Sales Skills Transferable to Inside Sales? Jake Dunlap Are Outside Sales Skills Transferable to Inside Sales?

ABSTRAKT is so excited to chat with Jake Dunlap today, CEO of Skaled Consulting on our podcast. We had him for a whole 30 minutes to share his thoughts on what traditional outside sales reps and organizations can do to make the switch to inside models. After our time with Jake, we walked away with a few nuggets of advice and some harsh truths. 1.) Some organizations aren’t going to make it, they won’t be able to get out of their old habits. They will fail. 2.) Sales orgs need to recognize the buyer journey has changed, and do their research on what that looks like. 3.) Use LinkedIn to become a thought leader, and the revenue will come. Shots across the bow from Jake Dunlap on Abstrakt’s podcast today – take a listen! 

Maintaining Culture in a Remote Environment

Maintaining Culture in a Remote Environment culture at remote environment

With over 3750 employees across 120 countries, being able to talk with employee #6 at Hubspot is kind of a big deal! With us today is Dan Tyre, local start up legend in the Phoenix area joining us on Abstrakt’s podcast today. In a world where remote work is here to stay, Hubspot has done some pretty cool stuff to maintain its culture, and we get insight into some of those secrets today! 1.) increase the frequency of connection 2.) Ask your employees if they trust you 3.) Employee Roulette – each week, meet a new team member! For anyone in charge of maintaining culture (which is everyone), take a listen!

Has COVID Changed the Landscape of Sales Recruiting?

Has COVID Changed the Landscape of Sales Recruiting? Covid's impact on Sales Recruiting

Goldfinger, Sean Connery, being thoughtful in your job search and the future of remote Enterprise sales. Please listen to our podcast as Abstrakt hosts Amy Volas, CEO and Founder of Avenue Talent Partners to discuss the future of remote Enterprise sales. Some of our biggest takeaways were 1.) Flexibility – top sales reps are in high demand, they need to recognize that. 2.) People are still a thing, we have not automated away sales. 3.) Be intentional and thoughtful in your hiring process. Enjoy listening to Has “COVID Changed the Landscape of Sales Recruiting?” Great stuff – can’t wait to have you on again Amy Volas.

How to Teach Reps to Manage Complex Sales While Remote

How to Teach Reps to Manage Complex Sales While Remote Podcast with Alize Heiman - How to Teach Reps to Manage Complex Sales While Remote

Alice Heiman started her career in teaching (which we learned on another episode of our podcast is a great background for Sales), and then went to work at the Miller Heiman Group, the company her father co-founded. A career in sales had never been on her mind but she came to be one of the foremost experts in the complex sale – how did Abstrakt get so lucky to have you join us, Alice?

Sales Process for Funnel vs Micro Processes on Steps

Sales Process for Funnel vs Micro Processes on Steps Sales Techniques for Success

Hindsight is 20/20, and coaching on calls in arrears is not immediately effective.  There is a strong reason for ramp-times that are built into compensation plans for sales representatives.  That is one more reason for sales leaders to have repeatable processes within their sales process in order to get new reps up to speed.  Making your number comes down to simply having a proven sales process, with proven actions to take on each call.  Odds are, you already have the formula, it’s just teaching that same formula in a repeatable way.  

We hope that our really talented sales representatives can onboard quickly and pick up on the processes, but hope is not a strategy.

A good strategy will include micro-actions in every step of the sales process that are effective, repeatable, and easy to learn. 

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