how to clone your top performers

How to Clone Your Top Sales Performers

Coaching 101 – Level Up Your Players   I’m serious – How do you clone your Top Sales Performers?  Since the beginning of time, coaching has been a word used to describe leveling up players whether in sports, business, or any other activity, coaches aim to optimize the performance of humans by observing their performance […]

Embracing Remote Environments

Embracing Remote Environments

We’ve all been told that going remote was a thing of the future, and the future is here! Active listening skills, paired with proper use of Conversation Intelligence software are the yin and yang of quota attainment. 

Listen to this podcast as Keith Lubner and Greg Reffner discuss how human experience, emotion, art, and the blending of technologies combine for success in today’s remote sales environment

what are sales call frameworks and why are they used

What are Sales Call Frameworks & Why Are They Used?

Another example of a framework is one that is less structured around the call flow and more on how to answer a specific question. For example, when asked about a competitor I have often said “Competitor X does great at _______, and if you asked them they would say we are small, don’t do custom work, and won’t interact with your clients for you – and you know what they are right. We actually (then I explain we are small, and don’t do the things they say because it doesn’t make sense to do as a best practice)”. This ensures that I get into what makes us different and better than the competition without laying into a competitor and looking like the shark.

why abstrakt

Why Abstrakt?

Starting a new company is stressful. Add to that the pivots many of us are having to make to get through this unprecedented time of our lives. I am often asked “Why Abstrakt”?   Spring…Fresh Starts I remember the feeling like it was just yesterday; it was a beautiful sunny Spring day and my first […]