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Blue Signal's Case Study

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The Growing Problem

When it comes to recruiting and even sales, there are many important, high-stakes conversations that can happen every week. Before Abstrakt, Blue Signal Search’s recruiters weren’t able to give full attention to the conversation.

They were in search for a software that could allow their recruiters to focus fully on the customer or prospect without the stress of taking notes on the details.

They also needed the ability to have immediate access to transcripts following each phone call. This would instantly improve their post call administrative tasks. 

Phoenix, AZ
Company Size
"The companies that can leverage Abstrakt, wow, it’s like getting a steroid shot in your sales cycle that will really help you get to that next level."
Matt Walsh
Matt Walsh
CEO & Founder at Blue Signal Search
// Why Choose Real-Time Transcription

Abstrakt In Action

Send Outs

Abstrakt has been a key source in improving Blue Signal’s send out metrics. Their Recruiters can focus on asking the right follow up questions that can shed light on if the candidate is a right fit for their customer.

Administrative & Transcription

Blue Signal can move faster as transcripts and call history are available immediately after the call is over when using Abstrakt. This means their recruiters can add all of the information to their ATS immediately, instead of waiting until the end of the day or week.

Training & Onboarding

Blue Signal utilizes Abstrakt to help onboard and ramp up new recruiters faster. They build their frameworks around the different types of positions needed, which will allow new recruiters to navigate a conversation with a customer or candidate much easier.

For new recruiters, it’s like having 10 years of experience right there with you on every single call. 

“Abstrakt has been great with us, because we have asked for a couple changes and adjustments to features and the turnaround has been phenomenal. I mean we are talking within a week things have changed.”
Matt Walsh
CEO & Founder at Blue Signal Search​
// Be a technology junkie

The Future of Sales & Recruiting

Always assess your technology stack. You never know what you might be missing and there are softwares like Abstrakt that can take over multiple products you might be using, all while making it easier for you and your team.

Don’t be that person that says “We’re going to do it this way, because that’s how it’s always done.”

Decrease New Hire Ramp Time
Increase Phone Calls Per Week
Improve Send Out to Placement Ratio
“Abstrakt is an impressive and powerful tool. But with any impressive and powerful tool, you have to make sure you are using it the right way and you have the correct framework designed around your business.”
Matt Walsh
CEO & Founder at Blue Signal Search