Real-Time Sales Coaching for Sales Teams


See Real-Time Sales Coaching in Action

Schedule a Demo for your Sales Teams ABSTRAKT’s software is helping to redefine the Conversational Intelligence market with our Real-Time Sales Coaching. Our AI technology delivers Live recommended responses, empowering Sales Teams to deliver on their goals without having to wait until the next call review session. ABSTRAKT’s job is to help decrease ramp timelines, decrease loss rates and replicate Top Performers. ABSTRAKT Software was specifically designed to be agile, and work across your tech stack or video conferencing and dialer technologies – no integrations or phone systems are required, ever. 

ABSTRAKT was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer sales teams a method to fulfill their goals, while pioneering the conversation intelligence industry toward self-reliance through our untethered platform.

Across the revenue lifecycle from Sales Development Representative to Account Executive through to Account Management and Customer Success, ABSTRAKT ensures each customer touchpoint is consistent and optimized for successful outcomes. ABSTRAKT’s Real-Time Sales Coaching Software actively coaches your team to ensure your customer always receives a best-in-class sales experience.  

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