Abstrakt + Salesloft

Making Cold Calls Suck A Little Less with Real-Time Call Coaching Software

Stop Losing Winnable Revenue

Now you can have real-time call coaching and automated playbooks on all calls initiated through the Salesloft platform. 

Plus transcripts and call scorecards are automatically uploaded into Salesloft immediately after the call is over. No more typing notes or trying to remember what was said.

Sales teams now have the option to utilize Abstrakt automatically through Salesloft, which will launch and close calls through the platform. All the work is done for you!

However, it is still possible to utilize Abstrakt as a stand-alone solution.


If you’re having trouble connecting Abstrakt & Salesloft, please email [email protected]
You must have an Abstrakt license to properly connect to Salesloft.

With Abstrakt and Salesloft You Can

Transcripts and call scorecards are automatically added to Salesloft after the call is over. Easily improve between calls by using Abstrakt’s integration with Salesloft.

Within 0.2 seconds, Abstrakt will deliver recommended responses when the prospect triggers an objection. Handle objections like a pro when using Abstrakt.

With automatic playbooks and recommended responses delivered in 0.2 seconds, book 23% more opportunities when using Abstrakt + Salesloft.


There’s literally no downside to this.