As a Recruiter, one of the worst feelings is having a great call with a candidate or company and then losing your notes or finding that you’re missing key information. That’s where Abstrakt comes in:

  • Audio & Transcripts Available within Seconds
  • Automated Note Taker
  • 96% Transcription Accuracy

For new recruiters, it’s like having 10 years of experience right there with you on every single call. Abstrakt provides automated playbooks based on the position you’re calling for.

Allow your team to focus on the follow-up questions and placing each candidate rather than taking notes.

Move faster with Abstrakt and reduce the administration work as transcripts and audio recordings are available immediately after the call is over.

Abstrakt provides one of the highest transcription accuracy scores on the market – 96% or higher is guaranteed.


Making leaders more productive

“For new recruiters, it’s like having 10 years of experience right there with you on every single call. Abstrakt is an impressive and powerful tool.”

Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh

CEO & Founder of Blue Signal

Frequently Asked Questions

Our software can provide recommended responses in 400 milliseconds. It’s truly that fast. Most other companies take 1-2 seconds at best.

Our call transcription software converts voice from phone calls into written words using real-time speech-to-text technology while live on the call. This means when the call is over, your transcript and audio recording are available.

Abstrakt uses the best speech-to-text technology to give our customers transcripts that are higher than 96% accuracy.

Abstrakt can work with 125 languages.

We can get you up and running within days! Abstrakt is configurable so there is no coding or training time needed.

We are transparent. No hidden fees or costs, you just pay per user. Want to know more about pricing? Ask us!


Get a steroid shot

Leveraging real-time technology gives your team the boost they need to make more calls, find quality candidates, and ensure your customers are happy.


Save time & money

Save time with automated transcription, receive call scoring, and ensure everyone is following the required guidelines depending on who they are talking to.


Make the most of every conversation

Catch every word with quality transcripts that mean exactly what they say. With 96%+ accuracy, our real-time transcription solutions allow you to listen and not worry about taking notes.

Abstrakt was built to help Recruiters like you.