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What is Conversation Intelligence

What is Conversation Intelligence Conversation Intelligence

Let us first begin by quickly agreeing on what Conversation Intelligence is not, does that sound fair? Conversation Intelligence does not define a software category, nor does it describe a particular feature within a software product. Conversation Intelligence is not an outcome or report driven by something that happened in the past either.

Why Abstrakt?

Why Abstrakt? Why ABSTRAKT and why Interruption Sales Coaching has been replaced with Real-Time Sales Coaching Software

Starting a new company is stressful. Add to that the pivots many of us are having to make to get through this unprecedented time of our lives. I am often asked “Why Abstrakt”?   Spring…Fresh Starts I remember the feeling like it was just yesterday; it was a beautiful sunny Spring day and my first […]

Sales Call Analytics: Coaching in Real-Time

Sales Call Analytics: Coaching in Real-Time Coaching in Real-Time

Speaking too much is something that salespeople find out after the call, and that is if you are even analyzing your sales calls (you should be…). But coaching after the call amounts to little more than “get ‘em next time, Tiger”. Being able to ask the right questions is key to having a lower talk time and allowing your prospects to feel heard. Real-time sales coaching enables both your salespeople to be gently reminded that they might be talking too much, while also prompting them with a question that could invite the prospect to unload a plethora of information that otherwise would have never been uncovered.

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