Plate IQ has decreased ramp time of new reps by 67% using Abstrakt

Plate IQ is an AP automation software that is designed to simplify all of the company’s spend from anywhere.

They are committed to helping their customer spend less time on invoices and automate the AP lifecycle. As a fast-growing company, proper ramping of their new hires and having a standardized process was needed to achieve their goals.

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“We were looking for something to help our team level up while also being able to decrease rep ramp time. I didn’t know this type of technology existed, but it’s exactly what we were looking for.”


Holly Signore

Director, Sales Development at Plate IQ

The Challenge

Plate IQ was looking for a tool that could help their reps level up on calls. They currently had no insights, no recordings, and no way to help their team overcome objections live on the call. It was all post-call analytics.

Their reps had to dig through sticky notes and Google Docs to find answers, plus they found themselves reviewing the same objections every week.

As a growing company, they knew a change was needed as a new hiring class was coming aboard.

The Solution

Plate IQ knew that Abstrakt could be a central repository for objection handling techniques, competitive knowledge, and battle cards. No more sticky notes, no more Google Docs.

With Abstrakt’s real-time recommended responses, Plate IQ’s reps began booking meetings at a faster rate after knowing exactly what to say in the moment.

From a management perspective, the coaching opportunities gave insights into where the team was struggling and identified gaps in their sales process.

Abstrakt helped their sales team move the needle in real-time.

The Results

  • Increase in Meetings Booked: With Abstrakt, Plate IQ saw a 74% increase in meetings booked for new hires in month one.
  • Ramp Time for New Reps: Utilizing Abstrakt has decreased Plate IQ’s ramp time of new reps by 67%.
  • Replicate Best Practices: Identifying gaps in their sales process and understanding which objections are being used by prospects and how often, has allowed Plate IQ to improve their SDRs call to outcome ratio.

“The introduction of Abstrakt to the team was really easy. It was a no-brainer. When everyone saw the technology they were all extremely excited. As leaders, we all thought about how much this could have helped us when we were SDRs.”


Holly Signore

Director, Sales Development at Plate IQ

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