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Real-time call guidance software mitigates risk, ensures compliance, and guides agents in real-time on every call.

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Real-time agent assist software that is aligned with your business outcomes.


Automated QA and call scoring with a human touch.


An agent experience that is driven by voice and void of distractions.


Software that doesn’t use your data to train another company’s LLM.

How does real-time call guidance software work?

Abstrakt utilizes automated playbooks and real-time recommended responses to ensure your agents always say the right thing on calls.

Plus with call scoring, real-time transcription, and call feedback forms, Abstrakt decreases the need for manual QA.

Your agents ready on day one

Playbooks & scripts are launched based on who your team is speaking with and react immediately to their behavior.

Recommended responses are instantly triggered (in 0.2 seconds), based on the challenges or objections thrown your team’s way.

No more whispers or barging, it’s time for real-time call guidance.

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QA shouldn’t have to wait until after the call

Have you ever thought about solving compliance risks before they happen?

Abstrakt identifies and addresses QA issues in real-time while your agents are on the phone.

Plus Abstrakt provides reporting that is aligned with your business outcomes.

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Visibility into every call

Real-time doesn’t just stop at call coaching. Because we process data in real-time, you have access to it seconds after the call is over.

Best in call transcription accuracy (>96%), available across 125 different languages, and even paired with audio recordings.

Eliminate the need to use multiple systems for visibility into every interaction of your team.

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Just look at the results

Increase in Accuracy of QA Scores

Decrease in Ramp Time

Increase in CSAT

Elevate your coaching based on what works

“This software helps to keep our Customer Service Specialists on track.

It also helps us keep track of conversations in the event we need to review them. 

Transcripts are clear and concise, recommended responses work as advertised, plus the communication has been amazing.”

Sarah Lesemann

Customer Care Manager

at Johnson & Johnson

Dashboards don’t ensure compliance

There are certain things agents absolutely have to say or do on phone calls.

It is all about ramping agents quickly for our clients in a predictable, cost-effective, and compliant manner.

Abstrakt allows us to do all of these things.”


Oliver Catt

Founder of The Cattalyst

Fill the gaps that all sales reps face

“Abstrakt fills the exact gaps that all sales reps face – not knowing what to say when faced with an objection.

Being able to handle objections in real-time is the best coaching you can have. It doesn’t get much faster than that!

Being able to coach reps faster allows for better overall ramp time.”

Holly Signore

Director, Sales Development

at Plate IQ

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