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5 Signs to Help You Hire The Right SDR

5 Signs to Help You Hire The Right SDR Hiring the right SDR

You probably already know that the SDR position is one of the highest churn positions in the sales industry… not that any position in sales is super great for retention. And that is understandable. It’s a tough position that requires a lot of sacrifices and hard work. But that said, when hiring the right SDR it is critical that they want for sales to be a career. This doesn’t mean that someone cannot “grow” into the position, but they certainly need to have some aspiration for promotion and career progression. Without some type of determination to move further into a sales career, many SDRs will fail in the first week of prospecting.

Why You Should Design a Calling Structure Using Call Frameworks

Why You Should Design a Calling Structure Using Call Frameworks Call Framework

Incrementally, in B2B and sometimes even B2C sales, there is a need to have multiple calls, get multiple people on the call at once, ext. Closing out the call starts at the beginning of the call – you need to know what the end of the call looks like. If it’s a technical call to validate capabilities, then closing out the call might be a closing question to the technical person. Something like “Is there anything about the project that would keep the organization from moving forward with it?” Or “are there any other technical concerns that keep (insert champion name) from being able to put a solution like this in place?”

Outbound Cold Calling with Hunters and Farmers

Outbound Cold Calling with Hunters and Farmers Cold Calling with Hunters & Farmers

If your entire sales organization is not using all the available tools that they have at their disposal to both create leads by hunting and close them when the deal matters most. You are wasting company resources, and you are likely not meeting your own personal goals. When a manager you go begins to train a new sales rep and gives them the “throwaway” leads, the manager essentially gives them something that represents both time and money. Why wouldn’t they be given the best shot at closing anything they can get in front of? Why would you hire someone great, only to provide them with a low chance of success? That is a rhetorical question. The sales manager does this because they want the sales rep to learn in a non-critical environment. Ultimately, the Sales Manager is afraid that the sales rep does not know enough to adequately hold a conversation with a very rare and precious lead.

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