Before joining Abstrakt, Tiffany had a very successful career as a Physical Therapist. As someone who selflessly looks to serve others, she is always looking to help her prospects by helping them understand how technology can enable their success.
Ways to measure success using conversational intelligence for coaches

Ways to Measure Success using Conversational Intelligence for Coaches

“What gets measured gets improved” – how many times have you said this as a coach, manager, trainer, or even just to yourself? If you are anything like me, probably a bunch. I have said it a bunch of times because it is true. What gets measured, does, in fact, get improved. A couple of examples come to mind like laps around a track on a sportbike. The first time that I rode a sportbike, I was thrilled at how “fast” I was until I realized how much faster those people passing me were. After some classes and concentrating on how to get the most performance out of the bike, by times around a track went way faster. But, there is not always a way to intelligently measure every aspect of coaching. Frankly, there are several variables that can make this measurement difficult as well. Conversational Intelligence for coaches can play a big role in measuring coaching, but there is more to a successful coaching program than that. Below are some common and uncommon ways that the best sales orgs are measuring the success of their sales coaches.

5 Reasons to Use Sales Frameworks

5 Reasons to Use Sales Frameworks (Now)

But we already are using frameworks…

Scripts, playbooks, Wikis, battle cards, cheat sheets… Your sales enablement organization is likely already deploying their method and subsequent tool to help your sales reps know how to organize call structures based upon variables like lead source, opportunity stage, buyer persona, current technographics, etc. Sales frameworks are, in large part, essentially the same thing; unfortunately what we have found is that regardless of the naming convention you use internally to describe the roadmap your reps should be using, the reality is that they often are not.

Why your cold calling scripts dont work

Why Your Cold Calling Scripts Don’t Work

Hello, is this Mr. (NAME)? This is Bob and we have a very special offer for – *click (call disconnected). Does that sound about right? That’s because cold calling scripts don’t work – and that didn’t work because Bob was really set up for failure in the first place. Anecdotal, this has been quite obvious for some time… but using conversational intelligence software has made the fact that cold calling scripts don’t work. There are several problems with scripts and how they are applied to sales to list here, but in this blog, we are going to concentrate on the top several reasons that cold calling scripts don’t work and what you can do to achieve the same results without having every employee and prospect loath the thought of communication to do with you organization.

3 Reasons You need sales call intelligence software

3 Reasons You Need Sales Call Intelligence Software

A standard salesperson is going to change what they say a little bit on every call. But if you’re anything like me you probably say something pretty close on most standard calls. Your top performers are likely more consistent than your low performers. Sometimes top performers change things up a little bit and their performance can suffer as a result. Having the ability to track consistency across sales calls, and also enable salespeople to say the best structure of a call every time, is a great reason to invest in sales call intelligence software.

How to run a sales call utilizing sales call intelligence

How to Run a Sales Call Utilizing Sales Call Intelligence

Some of the top sales call intelligence software companies today are adding components of AI and advanced analytics to speed the process of learning. But, some of the most advanced companies are actually prompting reps with structure in real-time. Spoil alert, one of those companies is Abstrakt. Here are three best practices when it comes to using call intelligence software to get reps on the correct structure quickly.

Why your reps do not apply their sales training

Why your reps do not apply their sales training

The number one problem with any sales training is that we spend a great deal of time practicing, training, and honing our skills… but managers don’t always follow through on making sure the training is being applied.  One reason is that there is not an unlimited amount of time in the day, but the other is that manager may not be able to sit with each rep on every call due to conflict. 

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