Nicholas Thickett

Stop blaming the SDR

Nicholas Thickett, Managing Partner at Alignd and host of the B2B Power Hour, joined us to talk about why most SDRs aren’t qualified to make cold calls ….. And what happens when they fail? We blame the SDR. Tune in to get some solid…

top sales movies

Top 6 Sales Movies

Used car salesman, door to door snake oil salesmen, encyclopedia salesmen… one cannot argue that the stories told, and lessons learned, through these movies are much more important than the stories of the salespeople themselves.

Top 7 Sales Podcasts

Top 7 Sales Podcasts

Podcasts are all the rage today, as evident by the influx of sales podcasts that fill our …. As anyone who has read our blogs, or listened to our podcasts knows that sales is just as much about personal drive and motivation as it is about sales skills. That’s why any list of podcasts aspiring B2B sales ….

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