10 Must Read Sales Leadership Articles

10 must read sales leadership articles

All leaders know that learning never stops

That’s why we wanted to provide you with some solid resources to help you overcome any speed bump you may be trying to get over.

P.S. Not everyone has to be in a sales leadership position to enjoy these articles.

Reading stimulates your brain and gets those ideas to start flowing. Some of our best business ideas have come from a discussion based on a book, podcast, or article. We wanted to share the love and make sure you have access to some amazing sales leadership articles that can be applied to your situation.

Have fun 😉

Leadership vs. Being A Boss

Are You a True Leader or Just a Boss?
The difference between a Leader and a Boss is much more complex than you might think. This article debunks some of the biggest myths about true leadership. Take a few minutes to dive into this to really evaluate yourself as a leader. It’s a great way to see if you’re just providing sales coaching vs. actually leading your sales team.

Boss vs. Leader: 10 Crucial Differences
The saying “people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers” may have some truth behind it. Every sales team has a boss, but not every team has a leader. That’s some powerful stuff there. So how do you get away from the classic cold call coaching and focus on leading? Check out these differences that might get you thinking a little more about how you lead your team.

Sales Leadership Styles

Styles of Sales Leadership
Sales and leadership go hand in hand. Really the best sales reps have the same characteristics as the best sales managers, but not all of them make leaders. Check out more on that here. The best sales leaders will build on the existing sales methodology and process – like using sales coaching software. But why? Find out why in the article plus understand the different styles of sales leadership.

4 Sales Leader Management Styles
LinkedIn is on the same wavelength as us. Most sales organizations have underdeveloped sales leaders that aren’t able to deliver the results that are needed. This is why it can be a high turnover position each year. We want to change that – which is why we have a sales coaching software to help with this. Use this article to figure out your leadership style to help you acquire the skill set you need to be successful.

The 7 Attributes of the Most Effective Sales Leaders
While this article is more about attributes, it builds off the previous articles to help you understand your leadership style. This is important because how can you expect to be an effective sales leader when you don’t even understand your strengths and weaknesses? One key attribute is command instinct. Holding your team and yourself to a higher level of accountability.

Building Your Sales Team

33 Sales Leaders on Building and Scaling a Successful Sales Team
Building a successful sales team is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. However, these sales leaders focus on building a culture, creating a foundation of trust, implementing proper processes, and having a killer onboarding process. Think you can handle that? Dive into the details and get yourself a sales coaching software like Abstrakt 😊

11 Tried and True Ways to Build a Successful Sales Team
As we all know, one bad hire can break a sales team. Building your “dream team” becomes a recruiting process and even continues throughout the time they are employed. Forbes lists out some solid examples of how you can build and KEEP your sales team. This is a great must-read for everyone in sales leadership.

Cultivating a Successful Sales Culture
Every company generates a unique sales culture that reflects its customers, its founders, and the business itself, however, most high-performing sales teams typically share four cultural pillars. One of them being Science-Based Methods. Surprised? Winning by Design shows you how science-backed methods and processes should be used for design making and why it matters.

The Future of Sales Leaders

The Future of Sales Leadership
Sales Leaders today have it very different from those who were leading 10-15 years ago. So what will the future look like? We know digital and e-commerce are only getting started so how does the customer journey change? All questions that are answered in this great article. Hello AI and machine learning. Hint hint… Abstrakt is a real-time sales coaching software that should be included in this.

What Could the Future of Sales Look Like?
Sales leadership is the main focus of this post, but you can’t deny that the way we sell will change. Will you be ready to lead your team as those trends start to happen? OR will you be behind the curve fighting the change? Hubspot does a great job of projecting sales trends that will happen over the next ten years.

Let’s Recap

We hope that these articles help you find what is needed. But if you feel like you’re still missing something and this wasn’t what you were looking for, we have a lot more resources for you.

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