Why introverts make the best sales reps

Why Introverts Make the Best Sales Reps

Organizations that look to scale, should start to see the power of introverts in a sales culture because many introverted traits can be found in some of the most successful sales reps. One trait that is especially powerful is listening, which can help create rapport with clients. Another key trait is being able to synthesize ideas internally, which can help make for better solutions and keep an internal dialogue open with oneself. It is well documented that when it comes to things like talk/listen ratio that listening more, usually results in a win. Conversational intelligence platforms and call intelligence software clearly showcase this metric. Introverts listen more than they talk, talking a lot doesn’t help winning… Where is the disconnect?

5 signs to help you hire the hire the right SDR

5 Signs to Help You Hire The Right SDR

You probably already know that the SDR position is one of the highest churn positions in the sales industry… not that any position in sales is super great for retention. And that is understandable. It’s a tough position that requires a lot of sacrifices and hard work. But that said, when hiring the right SDR it is critical that they want for sales to be a career. This doesn’t mean that someone cannot “grow” into the position, but they certainly need to have some aspiration for promotion and career progression. Without some type of determination to move further into a sales career, many SDRs will fail in the first week of prospecting.

Why You Should Design a Calling Structure Using Call Frameworks

Why You Should Design a Calling Structure Using Call Frameworks

Incrementally, in B2B and sometimes even B2C sales, there is a need to have multiple calls, get multiple people on the call at once, ext. Closing out the call starts at the beginning of the call – you need to know what the end of the call looks like. If it’s a technical call to validate capabilities, then closing out the call might be a closing question to the technical person. Something like “Is there anything about the project that would keep the organization from moving forward with it?” Or “are there any other technical concerns that keep (insert champion name) from being able to put a solution like this in place?”

why your reps need positive reinforcement, not criticism

Why Your Reps Need Positive Reinforcement, Not Criticism

Go to your lowest-performing rep and find 3 things they are doing that are amazing. Say nice things about them, and then just let it go. That’s right, don’t coach them yet. Just let that ball of confidence roll for a day or two. Then pump them up again, only this time, be on their team and ask questions like “I wonder if we tried X, Y, and Z what would happen, what do you think?”. Doing this will leave your rep much more receptive to the feedback because you are on their side and trying to solve the problem together. Want to help them even further? Maybe get them a real-time coaching tool that combines best practices with live call guidance so they don’t have to make decisions with limited information under pressure… Keep killing it!

why script is a dirty 6 letter word

Why “Script” is a Dirty 6 Letter Word

If a rep is given a script to use on a cold call to overcome objections and told to “use this script”, they are probably going to look at the script and only know how to handle situations outlined in the script. On the flip side, if a rep is given a framework and told to use the framework to help guide the call, it instantly sets in the sales rep’s mind there are going to be blank spots and unknowns that need to be filled in.

cold calling strategies for sales teams

Cold Calling Strategies for Sales Teams

Instead of convincing the prospect to buy, the goal is to determine which of your solutions are a good fit, at the perfect time. Clearly demonstrate your organization’s ability to be a superior fit over the incumbent and the competition.
Top-performing SDRs learn more about their prospects when they receive objections. They are able to pivot the conversation to reiterate the benefits of how their solutions address the prospect’s uncertainties.

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