Why introverts make the best sales reps

Why Introverts Make the Best Sales Reps

The stereotype our culture maintains of a sales representative was probably instilled, in large part, from Hollywood… Wolf of Wall Street, Boiler Room, Glengarry Glen Ross. The type of person who was energized by a room full of people was in my mind the person who was probably the most successful rep because people were naturally drawn to that charismatic, outgoing, and loud personality. It is for this reason, here at ABSTRAKT, we believe, most introverted people tend to feel like they don’t belong in sales. When conversational intelligence platforms, and call intelligence software came to market it gave introverts a method to review calls in solace, away from the large group coaching sessions that drained their energy (and attention). 

Technology has allowed introverts to learn and grow in a way that suits them best; by giving them an opportunity to recharge their batteries while improving their skill set of being a sales professional. By introducing a feedback loop via technology that could be consumed, in private, conversational intelligence software allowed its users to not be forced into a learning environment that was counterintuitive to their core nature. 

Difficult, even Shameful to be an Introvert?

“In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful to be an introvert.” This quote comes from a video I just saw from TedTalks, Susan Cain: The power of introverts. I think it is interesting, as Susan points out that some of the most influential individuals have been the most soft-spoken… So why, as a society do we weigh an individual’s outgoing personality so favorably? 

Organizations that look to scale, should start to see the power of introverts in a sales culture because many introverted traits can be found in some of the most successful sales reps. One trait that is especially powerful is listening, which can help create rapport with clients. Another key trait is being able to synthesize ideas internally, which can help make for better solutions and keep an internal dialogue open with oneself. It is well documented that when it comes to things like talk/listen ratio that listening more, usually results in a win. Conversational intelligence platforms and call intelligence software clearly showcase this metric. Introverts listen more than they talk, talking a lot doesn’t help winning… Where is the disconnect? 

So why do introverts make better sellers? 

  • Good listeners. The most amazing salespeople are those who are good listeners. The more they listen, the more customers will turn to them for advice and complete their purchases. The best way to show active listening skills is through vocal cues like affirmative noises, verbal responses, and appropriate facial expressions.
  • Self-sufficient. Introverts are known to be self-sufficient and believe it is foolish to rely on others for success. Who wouldn’t want a sales rep who is able to close deals on their own?
  • Observant. Introverts are known to assess situations quickly and offer creative solutions and ideas before extroverts. This is in large part due to the fact their natural inclination is to listen first; allowing them to have a full grasp on the situation at hand. 
  • Studious. Energy for an introvert is derived from solitude, and in solitude, an introvert can often be found “feeding their mind.” This is typically done by reading lots of books, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, and exploring new ideas. 

Using Call AI to Identify Introverts 

Especially in inside sales, where face-to-face meetings are rare, introverts have a distinct advantage over extroverts. As the needs for traditional sales skills continue to shift and morph, it is crucial for all professionals to explore their strengths and play to their strengths. The key requirements for success can be easily achieved by introverts as they excel in active listening, focus, and perseverance. It is almost as if sales leaders should be using conversational intelligence software to assess the types of traits that they should be highlighting on future job postings.

Sales leaders, looking to hire sales representatives as they assemble their dream team should consider the attributes of introverts as it pertains to success in their unique selling landscape. Here at ABSTRAKT, we do not necessarily believe that only introverts should sell… The world needs extroverts, all we are saying is that maybe their quiet and reserved nature might deserve a second chance before being written off as shy and risk-averse. Chances are, you know who the introverts on your team are, go listen to their calls in your conversational intelligence platform to validate your findings!


Greg Reffner - CEO

As one of the very first power users of Conversational Intelligence as an Account Executive, Greg fell in love with how technology enabled his success. As Abstrakt's leader, his vision and "why" is to help every sales rep and leader avoid the pain of missing their number.