Best call intelligence software to check out in 2023

Best call intelligence software to check out in 2023

With call intelligence software, you first need to understand what problem you’re trying to solve.

This will help you pick the right software to fit your business.

First, let’s define call intelligence software.

Call intelligence software is a type of technology that provides businesses with insights and analysis about their inbound and outbound calls. Essentially, it’s providing intelligence around what’s happening on calls so you don’t have to listen to every call to understand where your team needs help.

What’s your problem?

When looking at software to add to your tech stack you need to understand the problem you’re trying to solve. 

Are you trying to identify which playbooks or scripts work the best?

Are you focused on making sure your team is following the script?

Do you need to see what talk tracks are missing or what questions are being asked the most?

Or maybe you need to call insights as you need to improve metrics.

If your team uses the phone then call intelligence software is a must. But based on your problem, this is a specific type of software that you need.

Call intelligence must-haves

1) Integration with your phone system. 

Don’t make this more complicated than it is. Find a software solution that integrates to make your life easier. You probably won’t use something long-term if it includes more manual work.

2) Call recordings

You need software that keeps call recordings as you’ll want to manually review some calls and give your team coaching moments to help them improve. Plus for auditing purposes, it’s probably best to find software that allows you to turn this on/off based on state policies.

3) Call analytics & insights

Analytics are great, but find a call intelligence software that allows you to set filters and create personalized reporting based on what you need to see.

4) Real-time capabilities 

Everyone loves post-call analytics, but the real magic is in real-time capabilities for your team live on a call. This is more of a niche offering, but there are some pretty cool options out there for real-time call intelligence software.

Why do companies choose to invest in this type of technology?

Improved customer experience: Call intelligence software provides businesses with real-time insights into their call operations, which helps them to identify areas for improvement. Happy customers equal happy agents.

Increased efficiency: By tracking, analyzing and optimizing calls, companies can reduce call wait times and improve overall efficiency in handling calls. AKA you can do more with less. When budgets are tight, this is the time to increase efficiency without increasing costs.

Better decision-making: Real-time call intelligence software provides companies with data and insights about their calls, which can be used to make informed decisions about the future of their team.

Increased revenue: By providing call center agents with real-time talk tracks and showing them the best responses to questions, call intelligence software can help them move the needle when it comes to sales and renewals.

Improved compliance: Call recording and analytics features offered by call intelligence software can help businesses to ensure they are complying with legal and regulatory requirements. Better safe than sued, as we say.

ROI of call intelligence software

Will call intelligence software help you see a better return? The short answer – Yes.

Companies that use call intelligence software generally see a positive return from the software, improving their team’s outcomes.

The positives we identified above lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduced call wait times, increased sales, and reduction of operational costs. All of these impact your bottom line.

Hence, giving your company a positive return.

Different categories of call intelligence software

Call tracking software: This software tracks and analyzes phone call interactions, providing businesses with insights into their call operations.

Call recording software: This type of software records inbound and outbound calls, providing businesses with a record of their call interactions for training and compliance purposes.

Predictive dialer software: This type of software automates the dialing process, reducing call wait times and improving the efficiency of call center operations.

Interactive voice response software: This type of software provides automated voice prompts and menu options, allowing callers to self-serve and reducing the need for live agents.

Real-time call coaching software: This software is a mix of the above, but also includes real-time responses to give your team the answers to any question or objection that comes up on the call. Instead of waiting until after the call to make a chance. Learn even more about real-time call coaching software.

Which software do I check out?

Predictive dialers:

Call tracking:

  • CallTrackingMetrics
  • CallRail
  • Invoca


Obviously, many more questions and discussions go into deciding what call intelligence software is best for your company. Like price, contract terms, support, etc.

But hopefully, this article helps you narrow down the specific problem you’re trying to solve to help you take that next step.