How your insurance agents could be selling more with Call Analytics Software

Why your insurance agents could be selling more with better call analytics software

First, we need to understand the main tools your agents should be equipped with. Without … From that software, you can create the following helpful training tools: QA Scorecard, CSAT Surveys … But only if they’re given the right guidance and tools to make that happen. This is where call analytics software comes in …

missing sales development reps KPIs

Missing Sales Development Reps KPIs

Would you still put a Sales Development Representative on a Performance Improvement Plan if you knew that they consistently handled objections correctly, 90% of the time were able to get past the gatekeeper and consistently asked 80% of the qualifying questions they were supposed to? Here at ABSTRAKT, we are going to propose that you wouldn’t because the building blocks of success are there. Focusing solely on the lagging indicator of success (quota attainment) provides a very restricted view of success.

why abstrakt

Why Abstrakt?

Starting a new company is stressful. Add to that the pivots many of us are having to make to get through this unprecedented time of our lives. I am often asked “Why Abstrakt”?   Spring…Fresh Starts I remember the feeling like it was just yesterday; it was a beautiful sunny Spring day and my first […]