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Best Software for Call Transcription

Imagine, you are a sales leader and you have 150 calls to review each day. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy call transcription software that you could use?

Then you could find exactly what you’re looking for when reviewing each call within seconds? No more “control + F” on your keyboard, the qualifying questions and objection handling are detailed out right away for you with this call transcription software.

Now hear us out… we can actually make that happen. No more wasting time listening to each call. Get your call transcription within seconds after the call is completed and even your team can review their performance after each call.

While other call recording software can have similar features as to what we provide here at Abstrakt, we wanted to take a step back and show you how you can find the best option for you and your team. Below are the benefits you need to look for when reviewing the best call transcription software.

Benefit #1: Unlimited Memory

When your sales reps don’t have time to scribble notes mid-conversation or even lose focus on what the customer is saying, they have to choose one or the other. What if your sales reps could give the prospect their undivided attention?

Find a call recording software that can provide the call transcription so your sales reps focus on talk tracks and battlecards you provided for them. This also gives your sales reps the ability to work on building a pipeline faster and more efficiently.

It’s important to test each call recording software multiple times with different sales reps to make sure the transcript got everything they talked about on a call. You definitely do not want to miss any objection handling!

Benefit #2: Searchable Calls

Forget deciphering your sales reps’ notes and hoping they don’t miss a critical objection handling. Search across all calls to find what prospects are reacting to best. You can easily change up the framework you’ve built to adapt to what’s working.

Need to hear how a prospect responds to a new talk track? Easy. Want to hear how your reps handle objections? Not a problem. If it’s in the call transcript, it’s there.

Help your sales reps learn from their mistakes so they can quickly adapt especially if they stay focused on building a pipeline or trying to close deals faster.

Benefit #3: Sales to Customer Success

Your prospects deserve an exceptional end-to-end experience as they move through your buying process. Allow your Customer Success team to have insights on their behaviors and actions before they even onboard them. A typical call recording software doesn’t provide this, so it’s important to make sure the one you select does.

Benefit #4: Data, Data and More Data

Never miss another opportunity or ah-ha moment. Finding a software that uses AI to help indicate whether or not a new question or objection works is a must. This allows you to solidify market reactions to your product and features. Plus you can quickly adapt – which is needed as your team is building a pipeline or trying to close deals quickly.

Do you ever fear launching new products or services? Fear no more, you can get immediate feedback from a real-time call recording software like Abstrakt that provides real-time results. Launches will never be the same (in a good way)!

More Than Call Transcription Software

Abstrakt is much more than a call transcription software. We provide real-time call coaching, the next generation of conversational intelligence. Don’t wait until the opportunity is lost to make a change. Help your team make that change immediately while on the call with the customer.

Wonder how Abstrakt differs from competitors that you may be researching? Ask us, we’ll tell you the pros and cons of each software and why we are different. Which hopefully will be in a good way! But we want to be honest and let you know immediately if you should look for another call recording software so we don’t waste your time.


Clare Dobson - VP of Marketing

With experience from SaaS to home services to non-profits, Clare has built proven marketing strategies for various customers. She is passionate about the customer’s success as well as empowering those around her each and everyday.