Building trust & achieving results with conversational intelligence

Building Trust & achieving results with Conversational Intelligence

Building trust is hard. Asking a complete stranger to trust you is on a whole other level. So how do all of these companies utilizing conversational intelligence tools help build trust faster than those who aren’t? Let’s take a closer look.

One of our good friends, Jason Bay1, shares a lot of insights about where to start when developing a relationship with a prospect. Even more so, it’s important to realize that the prospect owes you nothing.

Yes, nothing.

As sales reps or even customer service reps, we need to take a step back and see if we’re approaching these situations all wrong.

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Conversational intelligence vs. real-time tools

Let’s start here. Conversational intelligence is NOT the same as real-time. If companies are saying “real-time” when talking about analytics or insights, that’s just a buzzword to get your attention.

Plug coming… 

Abstrakt is one of the only real-time sales tools that actually can help reps in the moment while live on a call. The reason this is important is we need to define the two first.

Conversational intelligence tools allow you to gather insights and truly see which prospects are more likely to buy based on their behavior as well as how to clone your best playbooks based on the data.

The reason you can build trust with conversational intelligence is you can take a step back and see the journey of your prospect. What have they been doing and why? Therefore you can be better prepared for your next conversation.

Building trust on cold calls

When you’re cold calling, you are literally asking a complete stranger to believe enough of what you’re saying to book another conversation with you. Wow. That’s a lot of pressure.

But it all starts with your opener. This will make or break the conversation and your prospect will either stay on or hang up.

Building trust starts from the beginning of the cold call.

  • Are you honest right off the bat?
  • Are you forcing them to be a fit even if they aren’t right?
  • Can you help de-escalate the situation if it gets off to a bad start?

Check out another friend, Nick Cegelski2, and one of the ways he suggests making an immediate impact without sounding overbearing when cold calling.

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Achieving Results with Data

Now onto the good stuff (but hopefully you’ve already learned something).

Data through conversational intelligence software is great! Prospects become a priority and you can use the results from previous opportunities to see which has the highest success rate of winning the “deal”.

Cutting-edge AI technology identifies new opportunities, measures performance based on opportunities, and provides accountability for sales teams that are hoping to increase their numbers. Conversational intelligence really gives you the upper hand when looking at a dashboard of your sales teams and deals.

This also helps for continuing to build trust. Understand what your prospect’s intent is to be able to give them an overall better buying experience. Conversation Intelligence can even reveal when a sale that should have happened didn’t.

This is great, but how do you save opportunities live on a call

Remember how we talked about conversational intelligence vs. real-time? Well, this is where the real-time aspect comes into play. When you have the “perfect” playbook and the openers that work best for your team, how do you help them actually avoid missing the opportunity altogether?

That’s where real-time call coaching software comes in. It’s like having all the knowledge bottled up in software that will tell you what you should say based on what your prospect says. Sure, 80% of the time you do great… But what if you could win one more opportunity each day? That would boost your pipeline and give you even more chances to make your way to the top performing sales rep spot.

While conversational intelligence helps you understand your prospect after cold calls, real-time call coaching software actually helps you in real-time. And when we say real-time, we mean within a second – it’s really that fast. Most people don’t believe us.

Still not sure?

If you’re not sure about any of the parts above, we suggest you give these people a follow. They all provide plenty of very insightful tactics that can be implemented right away. No strategy talk, no trying to be someone you’re not – straight tactics that will help you succeed in sales.

Want to see what people like you are saying about their call coaching currently? So did we, which is why we took a survey. And boy, those results are interesting. Take a closer look at our September 2022 – State of Call Coaching Survey to see if your company aligns with others. For reference, we had over 1,300 submissions from individual contributors, managers, directors, VPs, and even CEOs.





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