life as a sdr

Life as a SDR

Sales Development Representative aka a SDR. One of the most difficult, yet important roles within a seasoned sales organization. However the biggest gap remains that most SDRs don’t …. Not that I blame any of my managers that I’ve had along the way. It’s just the culture of sales.

Explain Cold Calling To Me Like I'm Five

Explain It To Me Like I’m Five

In this episode of The Abstrakt Podkast featuring Kevin Hopp, CEO of Hopp Consulting Group and host of The Sales Career Podcast, talks all about cold calling, SDRs, tech stack, and so much more … Think about it …. can your employees really tell the story of how the solution is valuable to the customers you serve? In sales, that’s the ….

cold calling guide

Cold Calling Guide

Cold calling is arguably the hardest part of sales. Interrupting someone in the middle of a task they were focused on, nailing a solid first impression in less than seven seconds, and then persuading them into some action (usually scheduling a meeting). We hope our Cold Calling Guide helps you to build a Framework for success