Top 3 Observe AI Alternatives

top observe ai alternatives

Observe.AI Alternatives

If you haven’t noticed AI is taking over the conversation when it comes to evaluating your tech stack.

Whether you currently use Observe AI or are in the initial evaluation stages of adding new software, we’ve put together a breakdown of the top Observe AI alternatives.

Keep in mind that new AI call guidance companies are popping up left and right, this is a list of the major players that have been focused on this type of technology for more than a few years. 

In addition, you can utilize G2 to see the reviews of each company to see what their customers (and past customers) have to say about the product.

1. Abstrakt

As we consistently compete with Observe AI, there is a clear need in the market for this technology. And we believe that if you book a demo of Observe (or Abstrakt), you should definitely check out the other company as well.

The biggest difference between Observe AI and Abstrakt is the history of our real-time technology.

Observe just launched (early 2023) their real-time call guidance technology – aka agent assist.

At Abstrakt, we’ve been doing this since our inception in 2020.

Plus, our call guidance happens in the blink of an eye. Other companies can’t keep up with that speed.

If you’re looking for an Observe AI alternative that focuses more on real-time call coaching instead of post-call analytics, then you need to try out Abstrakt.

Fundamentally, you can see exactly why our software is different…

You’ll know Abstrakt is the right fit if…

You want real-time agent assist software that is aligned to your business outcomes, not just an isolated QA system.

You don’t want your data training another company’s LLM.

You want the agent experience to be void of distractions.

You want to keep your transcripts & call recordings for more than 13 months.

2. Balto

Balto and Observe both started around the same time and focused on revolutionizing call center technology. Scripting and AI have been around for a while, but there was no emphasis on helping agents in real-time.

That’s where Balto is focused. Similar to Abstrakt.

The architecture between Observe and Balto are very different, however, the end result is similar.

Balto offers a “live listen” portion where supervisors can listen to live conversations of their agents.

Another solid option when looking for an Observe AI alternative.

3. Cresta

A great option for enterprise-level organizations. We say that because Cresta has a price tag for all of their features. It will be a large line item in your budget if you’re a mid-market or small business.

Cresta is one of the few companies that expanded their real-time technology across both chat and calls. Observe focuses only on calls.

However, Observe AI has a very robust reporting feature that can pull enterprise-level organizations away from companies like Cresta.

This is why it’s important to demo multiple software options when considering adding on a real-time call guidance solution.

Evaluating the right contact center software

When it comes to adding new software to your tech stack, it takes a team to ensure it’s properly implemented and used.

When looking for a partner, choose one that is willing to help multi-thread and give you the information needed to tie in multiple teams.

We talked about this extensively with Adam Saad, CEO and Founder of Tech Stack Advising, in our recent video series.

In the conversation, we focused more on getting your project approved, but the same principles apply whether you have the budget or not.

You need to put on different hats depending on who you are talking to (CEO, CFO, etc.) because each role is looking for different pieces that contribute to the same outcome/goal.

Why call guidance software should be a priority

If any of these problems sound familiar, that’s exactly what this type of technology can help with.

  • The average call handle time is too long and agents are overwhelmed by call volume 
  • Agent attrition and onboarding new agents are time-consuming
  • Lack of call center coaching happening while agents are on the phone

If you’re looking for additional resources in your solution search, feel free to reach out to us. We will give you a candid overview of the players in the market you should check out based on your specific needs.

Each Observe AI alternative has its pros and cons. That’s why taking your time to evaluate a solution before jumping into the first one you demo is important.

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