Why your outbound call tracking software must have in-depth analytics

Why your Outbound Call Tracking Software must have in-depth Analytics

Let’s be honest, if you’re not using software to track calls and sort your team’s data then you are way behind. We want to show you how to compare analytics and reporting options when it comes to your outbound call tracking software.

There should be no more guessing when it comes to determining which script works better or which objection handling technique closes the most deals. Let’s not even mention not being able to automatically QA 100% of calls to ensure they meet your compliance requirements.

Most call tracking software is outdated and does only one job.

What if you had software that could track your calls, provide real-time agent assist, and provide in-depth analytics? It would be a no-brainer, right? That’s what we’re going to dive into and the different options you have in the market. In case you didn’t want to use Abstrakt to solve your recurring struggles.


Remote Work + Outbound Call Tracking Software

If your tech stack is the same as before the pandemic, then you are definitely in the right spot. If it has changed, stick with us as we bet you’ll learn something new.

Remote work has changed a tremendous amount of people’s jobs. In some aspects, it’s made it easier, and in others, it’s made it much harder. For example, managing a team and ensuring there are no compliance issues is a big feat. Especially if you have new agents onboarding every so often.

If your current outbound call tracking software does NOT provide automated QA and compliance, here is your first sign to take a look at REAL-TIME call coaching software.


What’s Working/What’s Not Working

Are you able to analyze each call and see trends taking place? How long of a pause is it best for agents between questions and responses? How do you ensure that each prospect or customer is qualified?

All of that information could be provided to you in an instant. So if your outbound call tracking software does not currently offer that, here is your second sign to take a closer look at a REAL-TIME call coaching software.

But seriously, how many more things could you get done in a day if that information is provided to you as a manager. You could spend more quality time with your team, coaching them and creating the culture you want to build on your team.

Taking it a step further, if you could immediately see if a call had a compliance issue instead of listening to call recording after call recording – how amazing would that be?

We suggest to do the following (if you’ve made it this far):

  • Calculate how much time you spend listening to call recordings each week.
  • Next, figure out on average how many calls don’t meet your compliance standards (can be based on the ones you’ve listened to)
  • Implement software that can score or has automated QA.
  • Spend that additional time helping your agents improve on phone calls.


What Is Real-Time Call Coaching Software?

If you want to take advantage of not only automated QA but want to help your agents in real-time while they are on the call – that’s where real-time call coaching software comes in.

Most leaders don’t believe products truly work in real-time. But if you’ve used Siri, Google Maps, automatic braking in your car, etc. you have to realize that it’s all around us.

Most people just don’t think about how it can help their day-to-day life unless it’s already there. That’s where we come in.

We’re focused on educating contact centers, insurance agencies, SaaS companies, and any else who spends time on the phone. There is a better way to do things and it’s through AI and Natural Language Processing. The future is here, it just depends if you’re going to let technology help you or not.

Take a look at your current outbound call tracking software and we hope it already accomplishes everything we’ve talked about. Otherwise, it’s time for an upgrade.

P.S. If you want to listen to a great episode when it comes to the “fear of pain”. Aka sticking with old technology or processes because that’s what you’re familiar with. Then you need to listen to this one with Keenan and Greg Reffner.


Spencer Fossen - VP of Customer Success

Spencer is a husband, father, and SaaS jack of all trades. As the Head of Growth at Abstrakt Spencer uses, “making life easier for the end user” as his north star. From SDR to where he is today, the journey has provided him with the insight and experience to understand how to make life easier for those in SaaS’s toughest roles.