Your sales coaching approach is the problem - Double Slit Theory

Your Sales Coaching approach is the problem – Double Slit Theory

Why is sales coaching done the way it’s done? Well, to be blunt, a better option hasn’t existed. Sales coaching software, accompanied by the strategies and tactics to …. Thomas Young was trying to demonstrate the wave behavior of light, by candlelight, while performing his groundbreaking experiment. So what is the cliff notes version of what he discovered in his Double Slit Theory Experiment? … Natural Language Processing (NLP) has finally progressed to a …

SaaS Marketing Playbook_ What’s Worked (and what hasn’t)

SaaS Marketing Playbook: What’s Worked (and What hasn’t)

What’s Worked in SaaS Marketing. This is a reminder that this is what has worked for our company… forward when it comes to your SaaS marketing strategy. Pivoting too often … While we would love to say that we know exactly when to pivot … Influencer marketing is great and can be super helpful when it comes to B2B SaaS marketing. But it can also bite you in…

The definition of insanity when it comes to real-time sales coaching

The Definition of Insanity when it comes to Sales Coaching

Managers and leaders still listen to call recordings for hours on end, schedule time with the rep or agent to discuss what happened (and why it did not go right), still do…not as simple as inserting a rep on the front line and six-months later expecting the same repeatable revenue. Failing to … Try real-time sales coaching and stop the insanity. Or if you’re not ready, why not…

Lio Slama

What it takes to be successful in the SaaS world

The type of people who are successful in a startup like to take initiative. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked for a “big named” company or if you’re straight out of college. The question you need to ask yourself is …. Lio Slama, CEO & Co-Founder at AskNeo, joined us on The Startup Sidekick podcast to talk all about startup life and how to be successful.

How to create a better team with remote call training

How to create a better team with remote call training

Investing in call training for your team ranks just as important as onboarding new team members properly. The reps or agents on the phone need to be … Personalize Your Call Training Programs. Personalization takes more time, but … Here are some examples of each: Positive: ”It was great that you managed to complete all of your call notes and expand on next steps …