6 Benefits of Real-Time Call Coaching Software

6 Benefits of Real-Time Call Coaching

Have you ever ended a call with a prospect and tried to replay what was said in your head? Or you thought there was a more effective way to handle that objection, but forget how to overcome it?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was to get that information while live on the call, as it’s happening?

Well there is. It’s called Real-Time Call Coaching software. 🤔

We get it, you’re probably still skeptical.

Don’t worry, we’re going to dive into 6 MAJOR benefits of how this software can make an immediate impact on your team. Oh yeah… and help you win more business. We’ve never heard anyone complain about that 🙂

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I even know if my team needs real-time call coaching software”, it’s simple.

  • Do your reps or agents forget to ask qualifying questions?
  • Do they struggle to overcome objections even after you do role-playing?
  • Is post-call analysis taking too long to process, therefore it’s causing even more administrative tasks?

If you responded yes to any of those… then it’s time to invest in a software that’s going to make an immediate impact.

The benefits that keep on giving.

1. One place to keep all of your playbooks and battlecards

Say goodbye to the random google docs, notebooks of call scripts, and other random places you have battlecards and playbooks hiding. With real-time call coaching software, you can build out your playbooks and easily duplicate for other teams or even create a similar one if you don’t want to lose your change history.

2. Got turnover? Speed up new hire ramp time

Turnover happens, people leave and new people start. It’s the evolving door of business. With that being said, training newbies is never easy. It doesn’t matter what your company does, it’s all difficult.

But now let’s add on that they are on the phone talking to big shots, probably have a quota, and the time it takes for a manager to onboard is just plain exhausting.

What if there was a tool that could take all of your best reps or agents’ knowledge and put it all in one place? No call scripts, just a wealth of knowledge. Well that’s what Real-Time Call Coaching software does.

If reps get stuck on a call, it’s no big deal. Recommended responses pop-up and help them keep the conversation going… which leads to more opportunities.

And yep you guessed it, more opportunities means more deals closed.

🤯 🤯 🤯

3. Increase opportunities (aka WIN WIN WIN)

As we casually just dropped #3 in the details of #2 (if you were actually reading all of this)…

“All I do is win win win no matter what” – Name that song?!?!

That’s what our customers sing after they start using Abstrakt.

No really, we had a customer start singing that on a call with our customer success team.

Abstrakt (aka the best real-time call coaching software) truly allows your team to increase their opportunities. Say goodbye to call scripts and hello to live recommended responses based on the prospect’s objection.

4. Allow your reps or agents personality to shine

Now we mentioned that all companies have turnover, it happens to the best of us. But it happens less often if your employees feel valued and you build a culture that celebrates self-motivation and trust.

Real-time call coaching software is not like other tools where you can jump on the call with a rep or agent and “whisper” in their ear to distract them from the prospect. It actually empowers your employees and allows them to make their own decisions and learn quickly between calls to make adjustments.

Give your reps trust and the loyalty builds.

5. Decrease time spent on administrative work

This is an all-time favorite of our customers, because 2-3 extra hours per week ADDS UP!

Instead of normal conversational intelligence software, what if you receive the transcript and audio recording immediately after the call was over? Then you can add your notes immediately to the CRM and BOOM onto the next call.

That means going back to listen to vital information or having to sort through all of your notes on Friday afternoon is a thing of the past.

(Should we say “Happy Hours are back?!?!”)

6. Allows Managers to Lead instead of micromanage

And most important for last. It’s time that we allow managers to become leaders. Times have changed, employees want to feel valued and empowered.

If a rep can overcome objections with a little guidance from AI driven software, that means managers can focus on building upon their strengths and motivating them to continue to grow.

Give your managers tools like real-time call coaching software that minimizes their administrative time, gives them valuable insights to give feedback to reps, and allows them to step back to look at the “big picture” of where their division is going.

Just imagine….

Recommended responses to help your team face any objection, more time for managers to become leaders, and call insights/transcripts/audio all available immediately after the call is over. Abstrakt is the only real-time call coaching software you’ll ever need. Plus your team will never forget a key qualifying question or objection again.

We know what you’re thinking… how do I get implemented ASAP.

Well, first book a demo. We’ll show everything that Abstrakt can do and make sure to come prepared with your hardest questions. We love to overcome objections… because we use Abstrakt ourselves.

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