Fight, Flight or Freeze: Using call intelligence software during an economic downturn

Using call intelligence software during an economic downturn

Sales teams are ever-changing. Now add in economic uncertainty. This is exactly why you should invest in call intelligence software for your sales team.

Most people tend to run away or freeze when there is uncertainty in their lives. The fear of not knowing what the outcome will be can cause opportunities to slip through our fingers.

No sales teams wants this. When the ultimate goal is revenue, a few opportunities each month can result in the difference between hitting your sales quota and not.

Now is the time to fight. Push through the uncertainty, knowing there are better times for all teams, not just sales, on the horizon.

But now is also precisely the time to separate yourself from the rest.

That means investing in a sales tech stack that is efficient, but that you can also measure the return on investment (ROI).

Top Call Intelligence Tool To Recession-Proof Your Sales Team

Has your sales tech stack gotten too cluttered from all the new cools being thrown in your inbox? Sales tools are far too common and can distract your team from doing what is necessary to hit their goals.

Let’s figure out how to determine what tools are necessary vs. unnecessary.

  1. Does the software help your team get close to winning the opportunity? If the answer is no, then that tool needs to be gone. Some sales enablement software can be great, but if your team does not use it then it’s not worth it.
  2. What is the ROI of the software? Really only the finance department looks at this, but it would be great for sales leaders as they are evaluating call intelligence software options.
  3. Does it give sales leaders and managers more time in their day so they can spend that with the team and focus on coaching reps? This is a no-brainer. Time saved equals time spent elsewhere.

Now begs the question, how do you determine what the top call intelligence software is for your team?

Automation is the Future

Call intelligence software has quickly progressed from “nice to have” to an essential piece of your sales tech stack. If you’ve had a real-time call intelligence tool before, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

If the call intelligence tool doesn’t offer automation or the ability to save your team time, then it’s out.

Dashboards on Dashboards

If the tools you’re looking at only offer another dashboard – is that really going to help your sales team? Your sales tech stack should consist of tools that help on calls, emails, and provide a single dashboard for review.

Having two or three different dashboards is only going to make the adoption process harder. When opportunities are limited as a recession hits, the focus should be in real-time not after the fact.

Real-Time vs. Reactive

When someone hears real-time, you think that would mean at the snap of your fingers right? Unfortunately, the market is flooded with software companies using real-time to describe their product when in reality it doesn’t help until the opportunity is lost.

When cold calling or emailing is getting fewer responses, each one matters. Having a real-time call intelligence tool that provides help for sales reps when they need it most is crucial. It’s a MUST have for your team.

Adding to Your Sales Tech Stack During An Economic Downturn

When most sales leaders see a downturn in their future, they buckle down on spending. This is where the mistakes happen.

Now we aren’t telling you to go spend money without reason.

But finding ways to differentiate your software and give your team the tools that others don’t have will be the difference maker in your success rate.

If you have fewer sales reps but need to hit the same numbers then you have to find ways to make your current sales reps more productive.

Adding call intelligence software that increases productivity is another must. If you don’t see it making an impact within three months, then make a change. During an economic downtown, being quick on your feet will provide more benefits than running away or freezing.

Why This Plays an Integral Role

Finding ways to improve your team during an economic downturn might save your company from suffering substantial losses. Maintaining revenue growth and further penetrating your target market is key.

What call intelligence software are you using?

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