Agent Coaching Software

What Agent Coaching Software are you using?

Whether you manage a contact center or small team, call coaching software seems like it’s everywhere. How do you find the best agent coaching software that’s best for your team?

You may have heard the terms conversational intelligence or call reporting platforms, but they differ vastly. One gives you a summary of what qualifying questions we asked and the overall performance of the agent. The other may just record calls and your agent’s answer percentage.

What agent coaching software companies forget to ask what are you looking for and what you hope to achieve out of it? What you need to solve your problems can be achieved by a range of companies. But you need to identify your goals first.

Conversational Intelligence

You’ve probably heard a lot about conversational intelligence, companies like Gong and Chorus have become big because of how they’ve been able to perform post-call analytics. That means you don’t have to listen to every call, they give you all of that information.

However, this does mean you need to review it with each agent during one-on-one call coaching meetings, which as you know can definitely take up a lot of time. Especially with a lot of offices now virtual, planning out your one-on-one’s with agents is very important. But there are a lot of benefits to having a conversational intelligence platform. It’s something to definitely look into for your agent coaching software needs.

Call Reporting Platforms

This allows you to see data metrics based on calls answered, total time on calls, and other metrics. Generally, you will get call recordings and possibly transcripts but it often takes a little time to receive those. This is generally simplistic and contact centers need more than what most call reporting platforms can provide.

However, as most of us know – metric reporting is an essential component. Managers are able to oversee trends and patterns where there is historical data to compare what scripts or frameworks need to change. If you’re looking to stay simple and purchase a simple call recording and reporting platform, that is great – just make sure it fulfills your present and future needs.

Real-Time Call Coaching

What if agents could review while on the call what exactly they are supposed to ask. Then when the call is complete within seconds they can review the items missed based on the framework you built out. Now, this doesn’t remove one-on-one coaching time, but it helps as it’s real-time. Your team can learn and improve on each call.

Now how does this help over metrics of a contact center? Well, First-Call Resolution is always a big talking point. If your agents could resolve more issues, almost faster, would you take a closer look? If agents had these responses on their screen they wouldn’t have to go looking through their notes or ask a manager and call someone back.

Now It’s Virtual

Big offices full of people on the phone aren’t what you see as much anymore. Lots of places have gone to work from home. Now a manager’s job just got harder. How are you supposed to motivate, lead, and coach your team of agents the same way?

The answer is that you now need a platform that’s easy to use and something you can visually show your agents when on a video call. What if the agents could also review some of that information as well once each call is completed? They could self-teach – review the qualifying questions they missed and which ones they hit.

Now put all of these benefits together and add real-time call coaching. Plus, now consider how much faster this will help onboard new agents. Less flipping through their notes trying to find an answer, it provides options right on the computer.

Does this intrigue you? Reach out to us and let us know what questions you have and we’ll let you know if Abstrakt is a software that fulfills your agent coaching software needs.


Clare Dobson - Director of Marketing

With experience from SaaS to home services to non-profits, Clare has built proven marketing strategies for various customers. She is passionate about the customer’s success as well as empowering those around her each and everyday.