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Real-Time Contact Center Call Coaching Software

As a Team Leader, you look to measure KPIs such as first call resolution success, average handle time, customer satisfaction, and average after-call work time. When seconds count, it is time to stop being reactive with the training you provide to your Agents. Abstrakt is the solution.



  • Recommended Responses instantly give Agent’s a higher chance of success to resolve customer issues on the first call. 
  • Utilizing Automated Playbooks, important details to capture are never missed. 
  • Automatically linking out to deeper documentation via Recommended Responses decreases Average Handle and Hold Times. 
  • When the pressure is on, utilizing Real-Time Call Coaching Software ensures Phone Etiquette instantly improves. 

Quality Analyst

  • Leveraging Post-Call Abstrakt’s, easily understand the high-level success of every call
  • Talk/Listen Time Ratio metrics help to validate your Agents are actively listening
  • Playbook completion score metrics automatically score your Agent’s level of regulatory compliance and adherence to policies.
  • Real-Time access to post-call transcript leaves no excuse for Agents to not input call notes.


  • Playbooks allow you to easily deliver the relevant call structures and compliant talk tracks on day one.
  • Recommended Responses re-enforce the objection handling training previously done. 
  • Higher success rates reduce Agent turnover, leading to more time spent optimizing current team.
  • Easily report on and identify non-compliant calls without ever listening to a call recording.

Team Leader

  • Post call Abstrakt reporting gives you Real-Time visibility into quality and compliance of your Agents
  • Playbook completion scores allow you to focus your coaching and monitoring with Agents that need the most help
  • Tracking objections, allows you to filter calls for certain types of objections.
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In Call Centers, the numbers speak for themselves

When our customer’s stopped being reactive with their training, thats where things got interesting. 

Avg % Increase in First Call Resolution 31%
Avg % Decrease Time in Queue 27%
Avg % Increase in Customer Satisfaction 74%
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Configurable and Live in Minutes

Abstrakt offers a Real-Time Call Coaching Software powered by the latest in Natural Language Processing and AI. Reps, Recruiters and Agents are provided the right information, at the right time, live on the call, or demo all based upon what is being said by the prospect or customer. 

  • Latest in NLP/AI (Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence
  • Proprietary Relative Accuracy Scoring
  • Best in class speech to text accuracy >94%
  • Technology stack agnostic
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How is Abstrakt helping?

Emilia Clarke
Director, Sales Development
Real-Time In-Call Coaching and Analytics. The ability to ramp our SDRs quickly and get them to a productive level has been impressive.
Emilia Clarke
Sales Manager
We love the ability to give our reps real-time coaching. Our sales team was quick to adopt Abstrakt and is quickly becoming a staple of our enablement strategy for the future.
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Because Sales Shouldn't Suck

Abstrakt Announces 6 New Integration Partners
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Clare Dobson - VP of Marketing

Abstrakt Announces 6 New Integration Partners

Abstrakt, the only real-time call coaching software built specifically for B2B software sales teams, now fully integrates with Salesloft. Now you can have real-time call coaching and automated playbooks on all calls initiated through the Salesloft platform.

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Greg Reffner - CEO

Sales Onboarding software: How to eliminate the pain of Onboarding

There are a number of software solutions available that can automate and streamline the sales onboarding process… is a critical part of ensuring not only the new rep’s success, but their managers and teams success as well. Sales onboarding software can be a helpful tool for new sales reps. It can help them learn….