Will call intelligence software take over call centers

Will call intelligence software take over call centers

It is possible that call intelligence software (AI-based) could be used to handle some tasks currently performed by call center agents.

However, it is improbable that this software will completely take over the agent’s role altogether as many people still want to talk directly to a human. AI technology did handle about 20% of customer service requests in 20221

In just 2019, the market for call center AI technology was around $800 million and it’s expected to increase to $2.8 billion by 20251. That is crazy growth! 

For the foreseeable future, the human side isn’t going anywhere. If you’re not using AI to help improve the efficiency and productivity of your agents, then this post may be eye-opening.

Operational problems call centers face

There are a number of operational problems that call intelligence software can help improve the day-to-day operations of their agents. But first, we need to understand the problems that they face. 

If any of these problems sound familiar, keep reading as we list solutions to help you solve them.

  1. The average call handle time is too long and agents are overwhelmed by call volume 
  2. Agent attrition and onboarding new agents are time-consuming
  3. Lack of call center coaching happening while agents are on the phone

How call intelligence software can be used in call centers (without completely taking over)

AI-enabled call intelligence software isn’t just getting the basic info needed when a person calls in, but behind the scenes, it’s also feeding human agents data. This allows them to deliver better, faster outcomes, without customers ever being aware.

That’s just one way call intelligence AI is used in call centers. There are a number of different ways AI can help call centers, we put together a list!

1. Predictive analytics

AI can be used to analyze customer data and identify patterns that can help call center staff better understand customer needs and preferences. This can help them provide more personalized and effective service.

2. Natural language processing

AI can be used to transcribe and analyze spoken customer inquiries, allowing call center staff to identify and address customer needs quickly. This can also help with call center coaching – giving agents live, real-time coaching.

3. Sentiment analysis

AI can analyze the tone and emotion in customer interactions, helping call center agents identify and address potential issues more effectively. This is extremely difficult, however, companies are making immense strides in this area.

4. Workforce optimization

AI can be used to optimize staffing levels and routing, ensuring that calls are handled efficiently and effectively. This also helps with agent attrition at call centers. Get your agents up to speed, quick.

5. Fraud detection

AI can be used to identify suspicious activity or potential fraud, helping call center agents protect against fraudulent activity.

Why humans are still needed

Let’s face it, how frustrating can it be talking to a chatbot or AI voice recording? Pretty frustrating especially when there is an issue.

Until AI can understand human emotion and help us solve problems faster, humans will always be needed.

Sure, call intelligence software can be great for identifying what AI can be used for – like giving directions, balance amounts on accounts, and status updates. 

However, if your flight gets canceled and you’re in emergency mode trying to rebook – that’s where sympathy and talking to a human can go a long way.

When will AI take over call centers

50 years.

Just kidding! I wish we could predict the future, but unfortunately, we can’t. However, we can look at signs and give you advice based on the trends currently happening. 

Advice (with a grain of salt)…

  • What do you need from your stack? 
  • What will it be used for? 
  • How will it interact with other parts of your business?
  • Do you plan on scaling your business or offerings in a way that would require flexibility in your tech stack? 


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