Try Abstrakt | The Unfair Advantage in Sales

Your Objections don’t work here

Let’s get this out there – we think Abstrakt is awesome and so do our customers, but we are a little bit biased (which is why you should try Abstrakt). 

Our internal sales team boasts a very high conversion rate and we are not sure if that is because they use real-time call coaching or if our team is just that good. (SPOILER ALERT – they use Abstrakt)

So, we wondered why everyone wouldn’t want to use a tool that made sure every “swing over the plate” resulted in a home run? If steroids were legal, wouldn’t every team use them?

We know they aren’t in baseball, but they are in sales. We realized that there may be a few reasons that people don’t take us up on demos, and we thought we would set the record straight.

Here are some common objections we hear and the reason/how we overcome them.

“We already use Gong/Chorus to record calls”

Actually, we’ve used Gong and Chorus! Specifically, the founders of Abstrakt were some of the first users of Gong. We realized that there was great value in being able to go back to a salesperson with a recording of what took place and use it to highlight “home-run” questions/talk tracks. Then take the success to other reps. It took us about a year… but at the end of the day, we had a team of ROCK STARS! That is… until someone quit and we had to start the journey of a year-long campaign to get them up to speed.

There was no better way out there to get the best talk tracks and questions in front of reps in real-time, so we created Abstrakt. Real-time call coaching will always be more valuable than waiting until an opportunity is lost.

So try Abstrakt.

“My team is too tenured”

I actually remember saying something like this the first time I took over managing a relatively tenured team. This is actually another way of saying that “my team knows what to say and nails it every time”. If that is the case, then your team is literally a unicorn. Scientists should probably capture your team, take them to a lab, and study them so that we can unlock the mysteries of the universe.

There can only be one “top dog” at a time, is your entire team tying for that spot? If you are being honest, your team doesn’t nail every conversation. There is always room to improve and when someone tenured leaves, it always creates a vacuum of having to train the new guy.

If you have Abstrakt in place, it keeps the team consistent and then pulls them into a collaborative conversation around the “best” way to handle conversations. The outcome is that the company creates a sort of underground IP.

AKA we call this the formula for amazing conversion rates and hitting goals at unicorn levels.


“Our industry is too nuanced”

We are experts on sales and real-time conversation analytics, not _____ – and you are right. Our team hears this a bunch when we are prospecting and this seems like an excuse to let your team keep operating at the status quo.

But no matter the industry that you are in, we know a guy/gal (talking about you here…) that IS an expert on your industry. We might do real-time call coaching, but we also record calls and can dive into transcripts. This allows us to find out where your conversations are going south to begin iterating the messaging.

So, your industry might be nuanced, but it’s only as nuanced as any other industry. Abstrakt was designed to meet the needs of the language your team uses because you can define it.

“I don’t have time to implement this into our systems”

If you’ve gotten this far reading this, you are probably a sales leader. To me, this one crushes my sales spirit because it’s really another way of saying that there is no priority behind improving your team.

In reality, as a sales leader, you need to understand how your top salespeople are having conversations and help them close even more deals. It’s the most important part of your job. Abstrakt integrates with every system instantly, because it doesn’t rely on being tied to other systems.

Implementation is mostly the art of “what to say” and “what comes up” – most sales leaders can do this off the top of their head in the first hour of use.

So why not try Abstrakt?

“We just need to wait until next year”

Frankly, this is one that we hear before the conversation has really even started. Pushing a conversation down the road is 100%, not your fault, this one is on us.

The reason why is that we have failed you as a sales leader.

We failed because we have not clearly articulated how Abstrakt can improve your current goals while showing a positive ROI. But also, how easily it can integrate into your current tech stack.

That is hard to do on a clever outbound email or call, but we are getting better. My question is, if you are really holding out until next year, are you sure you will be here next year? Sales is a place where either you win or you move on.

If you are not sure you are going to win, can we give you an unfair advantage?

Try Abstrakt: Real-Time Call Coaching

Now you might still have an excuse as to why Real-Time Call Coaching isn’t for you or your team. But we know you’re going to take a second look. We are redefining conversational intelligence, it’s no longer just about after a call is complete.

It’s about what you are doing in the moment, while live on a call with a prospect. It’s time to use AI to replicate your best reps and easily onboard new ones.

We dare you, book a quick 30-minute demo and tell us Abstrakt can’t be used in your company.


Clare Dobson - Director of Marketing

With experience from SaaS to home services to non-profits, Clare has built proven marketing strategies for various customers. She is passionate about the customer’s success as well as empowering those around her each and everyday.