outbound cold calling with hunters and farmers

Outbound Cold Calling with Hunters and Farmers

If your entire sales organization is not using all the available tools that they have at their disposal to both create leads by hunting and close them when the deal matters most. You are wasting company resources, and you are likely not meeting your own personal goals. When a manager you go begins to train a new sales rep and gives them the “throwaway” leads, the manager essentially gives them something that represents both time and money. Why wouldn’t they be given the best shot at closing anything they can get in front of? Why would you hire someone great, only to provide them with a low chance of success? That is a rhetorical question. The sales manager does this because they want the sales rep to learn in a non-critical environment. Ultimately, the Sales Manager is afraid that the sales rep does not know enough to adequately hold a conversation with a very rare and precious lead.

Breaking Pareto_s Law with Real-Time Conversational Coaching

Breaking Pareto’s Law with Real-time Conversational Coaching

As a new Sales Development Representative, entering an organization, have you ever looked around and wondered why the top reps always seem to win, and the reps at the bottom are always at the bottom? Here at ABSTRAKT, we believe sales is a skill, it can be learned. Putting aside personality characteristics or level of education, sales comes down to some core fundamental skills. The best sales reps are currently looking to tools like Conversational Intelligence to learn from their mistakes. The problem is, when a Sales Development Representative reviews a call where they lost an opportunity, they are listening to their mistakes, not their success. This creates a negative feedback loop. 

The opposite is true for success. Each good thing that happens, tends to lead to more good things that happen. Think about the last time a demo or call went really well. Usually, the turning point of a call can be attributed to a foundational element of success that is built upon.