Abstrakt Wins Startup Showdown

Abstrakt, a real-time call coaching software, moves up their roadmap of integration into popular sales engagement platforms and dialers, like Outreach and SalesLoft, with new funding.

Abstrakt Corp announced that the company won a $120,000 investment from Panoramic Ventures for winning Startup Showdown, a competition for entrepreneurs designed to showcase and fund early-stage technology companies.

Startup Showdown has thousands of companies apply to the competition then narrows it down to 25 semifinalists, with only 5 companies making it to the final round.

With this investment, Abstrakt has raised a total of $730,000 driven by faster than expected market validation and investor excitement.

The Startup Showdown series is hosted by Panoramic Ventures, the venture capital investment team of BIP Capital, one of the most active VC firms in the Southeast. Panoramic is led by highly successful entrepreneurs and investors, Paul Judge and Mark Buffington.

Abstrakt Offers Real-Time Call Coaching Software

Abstrakt is redefining the conversational intelligence market by offering real-time call coaching software. You no longer need to wait until the call is over or an opportunity is lost to make a change.

“We were tired of conversational intelligence being reactive with sales and customer service calls. Going over what went wrong after the call means you’ve already lost the opportunity. I knew there was a better way, but people kept telling us it couldn’t be done,” says Abstrakt founder, Greg Reffner.

Abstrakt is focused on solving three major problems: Reps forgetting to ask qualifying questions, reps incorrectly handling objections, and post-call analysis taking too long to process.

Visit Abstrakt’s website at Abstrakt.ai for more information about real-time sales and call coaching software.

About Abstrakt Corp:

Abstrakt is working to redefine the conversational intelligence market. We offer Real-Time Call Coaching Software as an alternative to reactive analytics via call recording solutions. Abstrakt was specifically designed to be agile, and work across your tech stack or video conferencing and dialer technologies – no integrations or phone systems are required, ever. If you have to choose one or the other, Real-time Conversational Coaching or post-call analytics, you will choose the one that closes deals faster. Right? If you can have both, even better. You can with Abstrakt. Never lose another deal, miss a ramping quota, or fail to book a meeting again.

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