How AI Call Coaching is Helping Teams Level Up

How AI Call Coaching is Helping Teams Level Up

AI call coaching is here to stay

… whether you like it or not.

First things first, you’re probably wondering what AI call coaching even means. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being thrown around with every word and at least point it just means something is being automated.

Yes and no.

AI call coaching is essentially software that uses a type of artificial intelligence called natural language processing and speech recognition to analyze a live conversation. 

The cool part – the software provides feedback in real-time on how to best respond based on the conversation happening.

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Everything you need to know

How is AI “leveling up” teams?

We want to break it down in two different ways. 

From a leadership perspective to help any managers take away valuable insights that they can implement, well, tomorrow.

Then from an agent’s perspective. 

Maybe you’re worried about AI taking over your job or how do you plan for the future when your company inevitably implements this type of call coaching software?

From a leadership perspective

Tech is evolving fast. 

The systems that were used a couple of years ago may be irrelevant if those companies don’t continue to evolve and add new features.

For example, conversation intelligence software five years ago was a wide open market. 

Nowadays, there are hundreds of companies offering post-call analytics and insights.

Here are some immediate benefits that companies are seeing once they’ve implemented AI call coaching tools:

  • Improved agent performance
  • Increase in CSAT scores
  • Reduction in agent turnover
  • Improved ability to scale up or down based on customer demand

What we recommend:

  • Attend conferences, talk with other industry leaders, and pay attention to trends you’re seeing to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest technologies.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your current solutions what their roadmap looks like. 
  • Check out AI call coaching software. If you want to read more about how it all works – check out this article with everything you need to know about real-time call coaching.

From an agent’s perspective

We get it. Adding on a new tech means one more process that has to change for you. 

But what if it all happened behind the scenes?

With AI call coaching, like Abstrakt, it launches/closes with each call from your dialer. 

And it stays on the corner of your screen to help guide you through calls.

It’s that simple.

Here are some immediate benefits that agents see once their company has implemented AI call coaching tools:

  • Immediate answers on calls, less frustration from customers
  • Increased upsells (aka hitting goals that lead to bonuses/etc.)
  • Better call flow visibility and less time spent note taking 

What we recommend:

  • Keep an open mind with new tech, but make sure to ask questions and understand how you are expected to use it.
  • If you have ideas on how to make something better, put together a plan. Show the pros/cons and give feedback.
  • Ask top agents what they are doing to improve and hit their goals consistently. You’d be surprised how many are using tech to assist them.

Add this to your tech stack

We’ve gone ahead and put together a list of the top call coaching companies on the market today.

Check it out below 👇

Top Companies Providing AI Call Coaching Software

And yes, agent assist is synonymous with AI call coaching.