Tools to Pair with Abstrakt’s Call Coaching Software

tools to pair with abstrakt call coaching software

Call Coaching Software

We often get asked if Abstrakt can handle chats or email QA. While we would love to say yes, our primary focus is phone calls.

Our goal is to be extremely good at everything regarding calls. Not average or second-best. The analogy of going 100 feet deep vs. 100 feet wide comes to mind.

Real-time call coaching software is the future of call intelligence technology and we strongly believe in the difference it can make with your agent’s performance.

If you’re looking for software that can cover chats, email QA, and other problems, we have some great recommendations that pair well with Abstrakt.

Email QA software

If you’re looking for email QA software that pairs well with call coaching software but is built specifically to help with tickets and other incoming emails – we have a few recommendations worth considering.

1. MaestroQA

MaestroQA allows companies to automate manual and repetitive tasks in order to grade more tickets and receive more insights, creating a standardization process for email QA.

Additionally, MaestroQA integrates with other tools your team uses, including your helpdesk (like Zendesk, Salesforce ServiceCloud, Kustomer, and more) and your knowledge management platform (like Guru and Lessonly). This brings all of your support management tools into one place.

2. EvaluAgent

EvaluAgent is a QA platform that helps quality assurance teams increase coverage, unlock actionable insights, and coach agents toward better customer conversations.

You can build custom scorecards, automatically send evaluations to inboxes, and utilize a feedback system to help agents improve their helpdesk and email skills.

3. CxMoments

Cx Moments tags tickets better and faster than your agents, no matter how complex and granular your categorization needs to be. They will also automatically apply new tags or categories to your entire ticket history.

Streamline your email QA with a software option like CxMoments that integrates with your favorite help desk tools.

Chatbot software

Chat offers companies the ability to get in front of more prospects and customers by allowing them to easily ask questions instead of having to call or book a demo to get an answer. We highly recommend having a chat service as an option.

However, with chat comes more risk which creates frustration. 

These three options allow you to build playbooks to help answer basic questions.

1. Drift

Drift has taken over website chats across the B2B world as their bots and playbooks are customizable based on the specific page a person is visiting on your website.

Drift helps businesses connect with people at the right time, in the right place, with the right conversation. Their motto remains true as more and more companies are switching to Drift.

2. ZenDesk

ZenDesk has options for both sales and customer service teams. From chat to help desks, ZenDesk has a more in-depth solution that helps companies cover multiple channels, especially on the CS side.

3. Intercom

Intercom goes neck and neck with Drift and ZenDesk. Their solution combines an AI Bot, AI Help Desk, and proactive support to help teams scale up or down as needed without having to worry about adjusting their manpower needs. 


We have a few recommendations when it comes to dialers that integrate seamlessly with Abstrakt’s call coaching software.

And our customers also love using them!

1. Five9

Five9 is a power dialer that offers a plethora of options when it comes to contact center solutions. Pair it perfectly with Abstrakt’s call coaching software to give your agents a seamless integration on the phones.

Five9 makes it easy for your business to engage customers on their channel of choice to quickly provide the type of intuitive, personalized, and more human experience they want.

2. TCN

TCN is another great dialer option that integrates well with Abstrakt. The support TCN offers is top-notch along with their no contract promise. Whether you’re a small business or enterprise-level company, TCN has a variety of solutions to fit your needs.

3. Regal

Regal is the AI-enabled B2C platform that focuses more on sales teams rather than support teams. However, their dialer can be used by anyone on the phone. They also offer branded caller ID, customized journey builders, and an integrated platform that includes text, email, and calls.

If your contact center focuses on outbound sales, we highly recommend checking out what Regal has to offer.


Virtual agents have made a place in contact centers and for a good reason. These prerecorded voice interactions or AI real-time voice responses offer human-like conversations for better customer experiences. Pair these with real-time call coaching software for your agents, and BAM… you’ll receive the best results.

1. SmartAction

SmartAction is a great choice when it comes to adding virtual agents to your contact center. We actually did a webinar with them about the integrated development of AI and how to take advantage of it.

SmartAction combines the latest conversational AI technology with expert services to deliver 24/7 customer support over voice, chat, and SMS.

2. Twilio 

Another great option when it comes to IVRs/IVAs that pair with Abstrakt’s call coaching software. 

Twilio is a larger platform that has many focus areas. If you’re an enterprise-level company, it might make sense to pair multiple offerings of Twilio to best fit your needs.

Business Intelligence Tools

Business intelligence tools (BI tools) are all about helping leadership understand trends and derive insights from your company’s data. Pairing BI tools with real-time call coaching software like Abstrakt allows you to make better tactical and strategic business decisions. We have a few favorites below.

1. Tableau 

Tableau was built with the user experience in mind as their visual data analytics help any company understand the trends and direction of their data.

They offer standalone products or you can purchase an entire suite offering depending on your company’s needs.

2. Looker

Looker is Google but for your business data. With Looker, you can build your own custom applications with trusted metrics, or even bring modeling to your existing BI environment.

As a Google Cloud offering, Looker easily integrates with your current solutions.

3. Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an enterprise-level software that focuses on quantitative and qualitative research to deliver customer insights. 

Their BI tool is automatic, always-on, and delivers real-time recommendations to everyone in the organization.

The Perfect Tool + Call Coaching Software

While there are a TON of software options to pair with Abstrakt’s call coaching software, we recommend finding the one that solves your exact problems. Bells and whistles are nice, but not needed. Luckily, Abstrakt is configurable and seamlessly integrates with a variety of solutions.

We can always give you insights into what we’ve seen work best, all you have to do is ask!

With Abstrakt, your agents will always know exactly what to say on calls and your managers will receive real-time data based on their performance. 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask! You can chat with us on our website or email [email protected] with any questions.