Top 5 Abstrakt Alternatives

top abstrakt alternatives

Abstrakt was founded in 2020 by Greg Reffner. The idea was simple: provide a real-time solution to reps and agents.

He spent many years as a sales rep and sales leader frustrated with coaching always being so reactive. 

Now Abstrakt’s real-time call guidance is helping teams across the world. That’s right, recommended responses are prompted in 0.2 seconds regardless of where you’re located.

But hey, it’s important to explore your options, so we’ve rounded up a list of tried-and-true companies that offer similar services to help you make an educated decision. Let’s take a look at the Abstrakt alternatives.

An Overview of Abstrakt

Abstrakt provides real-time call guidance that improves agent efficiency and effectiveness on every call.

Abstrakt utilizes automated playbooks and real-time recommended responses to ensure your agents always say the right thing. Plus with call scoring, real-time transcription, and call coaching feedback forms.

Abstrakt helps identify the calls where manual QA is needed. No more randomly finding calls to review.

Abstrakt provides the fastest real-time responses on the market, plus with our system being configurable you can make changes whenever you need. No more waiting on a support ticket or a support team.

Move at the speed of your business.

Onboarding Process

We think it’s important to highlight how you get started with Abstrakt. Our top-rated CS team allows you to take the steering wheel.

You can go as fast or as slow as you’d like when it comes to the setup of Abstrakt. 

Once the playbooks and recommended responses are built, we make sure each user of Abstrakt is set up and ready to go. That way there is no downtime on your end.

Top 5 Abstrakt Alternatives 

Abstrakt vs. Balto

Balto has been around since 2017. That’s when real-time call guidance software started to emerge in the market and break off from the traditional reactive conversational intelligence tools.

You’ll know Abstrakt is the right fit if…

You want software that is aligned to your business outcomes, NOT driven by an agent’s preference.

You want automated scoring with a human touch.

You want the agent experience to be void of distractions.

Balto utilizes a similar technology as Abstrakt in order to get their real-time portion to work, however, the architecture is very different. Hence why Abstrakt is available in over 125 different languages whereas Balto is limited to English and Spanish.

Both companies serve customer service and sales teams. Balto does offer a “live listen” portion where managers can listen to live conversations. We decided not to build this because most dialers already have this feature. It didn’t make sense to build something that was commonly available.

Plus the goal of real-time call guidance software is so managers don’t have to be in multiple places at once. That’s the job of software.

Abstrakt vs. Observe AI

Interestingly, Observe used to focus on post-call analytics and reporting. Their reporting module is very robust, we won’t be shy about that.

Just recently they launched their real-time technology.

You’ll know Abstrakt is the right fit if…

You want real-time agent assist software that is aligned to your business outcomes, not just an isolated QA system.

You don’t want your data training another company’s LLM.

You want to keep your transcripts & call recordings for more than 13 months.

That being said, their real-time piece has some work compared to where Abstrakt is today. It was merely released from Beta in early 2023.

If you’re looking for reactive, post-call dashboards then Observe AI definitely has a leg up compared to Abstrakt.

However, if you want to make an impact with your agents in real-time instead of waiting until after the call is over, then Abstrakt’s technology is superior.

Abstrakt vs. Level AI

Level AI was founded in 2019 and has been following the footsteps of Balto and Observe AI when it comes to AI on the reporting side of call centers.

A key missing piece is their real-time capabilities. While they say real-time agent assist is a product offering, it differs from the real-time capabilities that Abstrakt has built significantly.

AbstraktLevel AI
Real-Time Speed0.2 secondsUnknown
Languages125+English & Spanish
PCI/PII Masking and ComplianceYesYes
Call Feedback FormsYesNo

Level AI does provide the ability to capture screen recordings during calls, whereas Abstrakt does not.

Again, their main focus is learning from calls, emails, and chats to provide a better understanding for agents and managers after the fact.

Abstrakt vs. Cresta

Cresta was also founded in 2017 and has made significant strides since then. Their technology is utilized across both calls and chat. Whereas, Abstrakt is focused only on calls.

The downside to a broader platform like Cresta is the cost.

Real-Time Speed0.2 seconds< 1 second
PCI/PII Masking and ComplianceYesYes
Call Feedback FormsYesNo

For enterprise-level organizations, Cresta may be exactly what you’re looking for and you won’t blink at the cost. For mid-market size companies, this could be a hefty penny if you didn’t budget for it.

As always, we suggest you demo multiple software options before making a decision.

Abstrakt vs. Wingman by Clari

Wingman by Clari is often compared as an Abstrakt alternative, however, our technologies are very different. Wingman is a conversational intelligence tool – used for post-call analytics. 

Abstrakt is a real-time call guidance tool, used live during conversations.

Real-Time Speed0.2 secondsN/A
PCI/PII Masking and ComplianceYesNo
Call Feedback FormsYesNo

Wingman’s target audience remains in the B2B sales and customer success world. Whereas Abstrakt has seen success across call centers, insurance, offshore outsourcing, and the financial services market.

Hence why Wingman doesn’t have real-time capabilities. The B2B world is vastly different.

Let’s Summarize

Every company on this list has pros and cons, including us. That’s why we put together a list of Abstrakt alternatives.

It really depends on what your team needs to help you reach your goals. When in doubt, demo multiple software options before making a decision.

However, you don’t need to take our word for it when you want to compare Abstrakt’s capabilities. Take a look at what our customers are saying on G2. Or even better, we’ve got video evidence 😊