5 Things to STOP Doing to Improve First Contact Resolution

5 things to stop doing to improve first contact resolution

1. Obsessing OVER your number

Every company measures first contact resolution (FCR) differently.

It doesn’t matter how wrongly you’re measuring FCR, the most important thing is to continue measuring it the same way to track improvements (or declines) in your team’s efforts.

If you focus your energy on improving processes, goals, and your people – the metrics will follow.

2. Blaming your agents, not the process or leadership

If your team’s FCR is not improving, take a look at your processes or policies. If you want to take it a step further, also look at what leadership is/isn’t doing.

Your agents will focus on what goals you’ve set forth. If you’re harping on call handle time, a result could be a decrease in your first contact resolution score.

Remember, any goals you set forth could result in consequences if bonuses, compensation, and rewards are driving those goals.

3. Relying on old technology to magically improve your KPIs

The ROI needs to be there when adding new tools. But if you’re using outdated tools to measure and assist your team, then you’re already behind the curve.

Example: Do you currently use AI call guidance software?

This software provides agents with real-time responses so they always know the right thing to say to customers or prospects.

In turn, being able to predict next steps will help agents reduce repeat contact rates from customers.

4. Focusing on the short-term results

True improvements in first contact resolution could take months or even years. That’s a lot to consider when making changes in processes or tools to not see an immediate return.

If you want immediate results, you might be sacrificing other things without knowing it.

Additionally, what else needs to be considered in your results?

Customer churn.

Broadening the scope to more than just repeat contacts, and correlating FCR to churn will only improve your operation over time.

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