Stacking the cards in your favor

Stacking the Cards in your favor

Signing up for a career in sales is essentially agreeing to a career where you lose far more often than you win. Become an Enterprise level closer, and you should be winning thirty-percent of the time. Either way, you are losing more than you win. So the question becomes, “how do I stack the cards in my favor?” Should I ….

nail your sdr compensation

Tips and Strategies to nail your new SDR Compensation

Somewhere, someone (probably a marketer), knows exactly what the cost of a qualified lead is. The question is, if we get Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), what are the chances of converting them to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) and then on into being customers? If your marketing team is bringing in 50 MQLs a month, how many of them are making it to SQL? If the answer is …..

What a conversational intelligence platform for sales does and doesn't do

What a conversational intelligence platform for sales does and doesn’t do

Many leaders and great companies today are either looking for or using the next “big” conversational intelligence platform for sales. In reality, they are more than likely using a combination of recording and maybe analytics software that has been around for years (ok… maybe more than a few years… actually – it’s been around since at least 1903). So how is this piece of conversational intelligence so revolutionary?

Ways to measure success using conversational intelligence for coaches

Ways to Measure Success using Conversational Intelligence for Coaches

“What gets measured gets improved” – how many times have you said this as a coach, manager, trainer, or even just to yourself? If you are anything like me, probably a bunch. I have said it a bunch of times because it is true. What gets measured, does, in fact, get improved. A couple of examples come to mind like laps around a track on a sportbike. The first time that I rode a sportbike, I was thrilled at how “fast” I was until I realized how much faster those people passing me were. After some classes and concentrating on how to get the most performance out of the bike, by times around a track went way faster. But, there is not always a way to intelligently measure every aspect of coaching. Frankly, there are several variables that can make this measurement difficult as well. Conversational Intelligence for coaches can play a big role in measuring coaching, but there is more to a successful coaching program than that. Below are some common and uncommon ways that the best sales orgs are measuring the success of their sales coaches.