The hype behind AI Call Coaching Software

The hype behind AI Call Coaching Software

AI call coaching software

It was a hidden gem before 2023 that is now surfacing across many industries.

Building off the hype around AI in general, this type of software possesses technology that could change how agents and reps operate in just a few years.

One year ago, people knew what AI was. 

Today, you can’t swing a bat without hitting an “AI Expert” – regardless of what industry you’re in.

Every talking head on LinkedIn is chattering about AI. 

Is the hype worth it? We’ll show you what’s real vs. what’s all hype.

AI in the past

The development of AI tools and software began many decades ago.


Each year the capabilities grow exponentially. 

AI is all around us. On your phone, using Google Maps, etc.

The result of AI technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) has enabled the creation of more sophisticated AI than ever before.

Before the creation of ChatGPT, there were several other AI-powered search engines and tools, such as IBM’s Watson and Google’s AI-powered search engine. These earlier tools focused primarily on providing accurate and relevant search results based on keyword queries rather than having a conversational interface like ChatGPT.

ChatGPT broke the mold and showed you what other AI companies are doing behind the scenes, that most people just don’t know about yet.

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AI Call Coaching Software

Today’s AI is generative. That’s how AI call coaching software works.

The word generative just means that it can generate something new. 

The main area that AI call coaching software focuses on is language:

  • Voice recognition
  • Speech analytics
  • Sentiment analysis

This means it hears what you’re saying and can predict what can be said next. 

Why is there so much hype?

Let’s say that with AI call coaching software, your team can now produce 2.1x their normal amount without having to work any harder. 

Pretty cool, right?

The not-so-cool part is that people believe AI can eventually replace some of our most basic jobs. It will be so good that a human calling a company on the phone can’t tell if it’s a real person or machine they are speaking with.

We are years away from that. But it’s still the path that AI is headed.

Sentiment Analysis is the next big thing

AI call coaching software currently has the ability to interrupt conversations and give live feedback to the person on the phone or via chat. Therefore, they always know the right thing to say at the right time.

The next step to this is sentiment analysis.


This means that AI can detect the emotions (and eventually facial expressions) to be able to score and give specific next steps based on that.

The way you say “sounds good” may be completely different than the way I say it.

But with sentiment analysis and intent analysis, this generative AI could tell the difference.


What are some of the best companies to check out?

We’re so glad you asked 😉

Of course, we think Abstrakt is top-notch and should be on your list of AI call coaching software to check out.

Another company to look at would be Cresta. Their technology involves phone calls and chats. Whereas Abstrakt is strictly phone calls.

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