Customer Retention & Churn with Eric Sims

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Why Customer Retention & Churn?

Eric Sims, CX cowboy at Leading Edge Connections, joins us on the Contact Center KPI Podcast to discuss the highly requested topic – customer retention and churn.

He wanted to take a step back and look at the bigger picture when it came to KPIs and that’s customer retention and churn.

Key takeaways from Eric Sims

1. Your agent’s happiness directly impacts customer retention as they are a representation of your business and the service you provide.

In the call center world, there is endless data for companies to focus on. But sometimes if you’re too focused on the metrics, you miss what’s right in front of you.

Asking your agents “how their day is going” if their performance is dropping will go so much further than hyper-focusing on their numbers.

2. Take a step back to ensure your messaging and goals are aligned.

Ensuring there is alignment as to what’s best for the customer is the same as what’s best for the agent and what is best for the company.

If there is a disconnect, there will be continual issues.

You need to have all the right ingredients or it won’t work.

3. Personalization is your secret sauce.

Whether you use AI or any type of tech, personalize will go the furthest when it comes to customer retention.

Understand what your customers are looking for and deliver those results. If you skimp on the service you provide, your customers will leave.

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