The Power
of Real-Time Coaching

Every company is focused on exceeding customer expectations while staying compliant with regulations. But keeping track of everything can be exhausting. That’s where Abstrakt comes in…

  • Automated compliance monitoring
  • Real-time script adherence
  • Real-Time Recommended Responses with the correct language to handle every question or objection

Abstrakt is just like a QA employee, but better. Imagine a world where software told you which calls needed to be listened to and which parts of the call needed to be addressed. That’s what Abstrakt does.

Configure your playbooks and scripts in minutes based upon your proven approach. Abstrakt recognizes when your team hits on those key points, and removes it from their view to keep them on track.

Real-time coaching gets reps up to speed so they can deliver value faster. They’ll always know what to say and when to say it.

Our configurable financial services software allows you to define which information you want masked and removed from viewing.


“We have been using Abstrakt for a few months, and it’s been a game-changer! I do like their customer service as well. They’re very hands-on in onboarding and supporting us, and they make sure that we maximize the use of their product.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Our software can provide recommended responses in 400 milliseconds. It’s truly that fast. Most other companies take 1-2 seconds at best.

Abstrakt uses Google’s speech-to-text technology (the best in the industry) to give our customers transcripts that are higher than 96% accuracy.

Abstrakt can work with 125 languages.

Absolutely! With millions of calls analyzed, we can provide the best practices to you and your team.

We can get you up and running within days! Abstrakt is configurable so there is no coding or training time needed.

We are transparent. No hidden fees or costs, you just pay per user.


Better to be safe, than sued
With 100% QA and compliance on every call, you can ensure that your team is providing the best service without worrying about being sued.


Reduce wait times, grow volume
Help your team drive efficiency and effectiveness with automated scripts and real-time recommended responses. Hit your key metrics like CSAT, AHT, and NPS using Abstrakt.


Make phone calls easy
Exceed customer expectations on every phone while staying compliant with regulations. With real-time call coaching software, you never have to worry about missing something important.

Abstrakt was built to help teams like yours.