How To Handle Your Sales Reps

How to handle your sales reps

After 127 interviews with sales leaders and CEOs at different-sized companies across multiple industries, we have compiled all of the data to help you make better decisions when it comes to handling your sales reps based on the size of your company.


Before we begin, let’s all get aligned on how companies are defining their A through D reps.

Your A reps are your hot shots, they dive in and never look back as they hit their quota almost each and every month. They are the overachievers on your team.

Your B reps might have all of the knowledge and understanding of how to sell, but they lack one key element compared to your A reps. They can be great at prospecting, but lack the confidence when it comes to closing. Or they can be great at closing and high-pressure situations, but they don’t have the motivation to prospect. Your B reps generally hit right around 85% of their quota.

Your C reps know there is a path, but they don’t have the internal motivation to better themselves like your A and B reps. They usually come up short to reaching their quota, hitting between 50-65% each month.

And then there are your D reps. No one likes being in this category, but let’s face it… it’s sales. Not everyone is cut out for this type of job. You can look at quota, territory, attitude or impact on the team, and D reps are coming up short in most of those categories. They are generally hitting 50% or below of their quota.

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