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The Problems Remain the Same

SaaS, Recruiting, Contact Centers... The same pain is experienced everyday.

Current Scenario:

Call or demo happens, 15-20 minutes later the call or demo is processed and analyzed by conversational coaching. Then 24 hours later the Manager finally reviews the call, makes some notes for a call review with the rep. Role play happens, reminders of talk tracks and objection handling techniques are reviewed and both sales rep and manager walking away with the hope the behavior has changed.

Rinse and Repeat.
How Abstrakt Can Help:

Live, on the call, reps overcome objections with recommended responses delivered in real-time. All onboarding & training goes into Abstrakt so it’s like having 10 years of experience on every call. Qualifying questions are are front and center to ensure none are missed. Manager then reviews the call SECONDS after it is over, sends a “thumbs up” to rep via Slack. All notes, transcript & audio recording are completed immediately.

Stop Losing Winnable Deals.

Abstrakt works right alongside your existing tech stack, with everything triggered by the voice of the prospect, or the voice of a rep. 

No more clicking through playbooks, Wiki’s, battle cards endless tabs of Google Docs or shuffling through sticky notes to find the right qualifying questions or strategies to face competitors head on.

Create your playbooks, which prompt reps with the qualifying questions or stories they are supposed to deliver, based on the scenario they are in. 

The second is Recommended Responses which are the prompts reps receive based on what the prospect is saying. 

One of the most frustrating parts of reviewing calls in traditional Conversational Intelligence Software tools today is finding the answers to your specific questions. 

Usually it involves going into the transcript, hitting “command f” and then typing in what you think you asked them. 

Abstrakt finds those specific questions, and answers for you. Talk/Listen Time Ratio, Playbook Completion Score, objections and everything in between. 

Stop searching through transcripts, trying to speed up call recordings and trying to find what was missed along the way. 

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// Real-Time Call coaching software

Your 24/7 Coach

Dialer or Video - Does NOT matter

Abstrakt works right alongside your dialer, video conferencing tool, or ANY other computer-based platform you are using today. No integrations are needed. 

Recommended Response cards are triggered in Real-Time, all based upon the configurable words or phrases your prospects use today.

Automated playbooks ensure reps never miss key qualifying questions or stories.

Instantly direct your team to deeper information and never have to say “I don’t know, I will come back to you” again.

// Build Your 24/7 sales coach

Configurable and Live in Minutes

Abstrakt offers a Real-Time Call Coaching Software powered by the latest in Natural Language Processing and AI. Reps, Recruiters, and Agents are provided the right information, at the right time, live on the call, or demo all based upon what is being said by the prospect or customer.

  • Latest in Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence
  • Proprietary Relative Accuracy Scoring
  • Best in class speech to text accuracy >94%
  • Technology stack agnostic
// Real-Time Call coaching software

Insights in Seconds, NOT Minutes or hours

Post-call analysis is delivered in seconds after a call ends. Full transcript, competitors, playbook questions delivered or skipped… 100% of what happened on the call is available immediately after a call ends, does not matter how long the call is. 

We wanted to solve for the situation so many reps find themselves in where a call ends, and they need to wait to transfer their notes. This usually results in notes being added hours, or even days later. 

When we say “Real-Time” it does not just apply to the coaching components of the HUD, it applies to every aspect of what we deliver. 


// By the numbers

In sales, the numbers speak for themselves

When our customer’s stopped being reactive with their training, thats where things got interesting. 

Avg % Decrease in ramp time 78%
Avg % Increase in Win Rate Against competitors 69%
Avg % Increase in Qualified Opportunities 92%
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How is Abstrakt helping?

Emilia Clarke
Director, Sales Development
Real-Time In-Call Coaching and Analytics. The ability to ramp our SDRs quickly and get them to a productive level has been impressive.
Emilia Clarke
Sales Manager
We love the ability to give our reps real-time coaching. Our sales team was quick to adopt Abstrakt and is quickly becoming a staple of our enablement strategy for the future.
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