// Hello Real-Time. goodbye reactive.

Real-Time Insurance Call
Coaching Software

Scale the Perfect Insurance Sales Call with Abstrakt. Plus Complete Claims Calls more efficiently and effectively.

Real-Time Responses In Just 0.2 Seconds

Call recording and whisper technology alone are not good enough anymore. You can’t be on every single call. 

Listening to the call recording after a call is over doesn’t help your agents sign more deals or reduce friction with the claim process.

What if your agent, without a supervisor, had the resources needed to handle objections and sign more quotes in real-time? Abstrakt will help you do exactly that.

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// By the numbers

In Insurance, the numbers speak for themselves

When our customer’s stopped being reactive with their training, that’s where things got interesting. 

Avg % Decrease in ramp time 67%
Avg % Increase in CSAT 31%
Avg % Increase in Win Rate 42%
// Insurance Call Coaching Software

How Abstrakt Works

1. No coding, no training. Our sales coaching platform allows you to build your Playbooks & Recommended Responses in minutes.

2. Create your team and assign them to the different Playbooks.

3. Have your team install Abstrakt on their computer (MAC or Windows) in just a few minutes.

4. Abstrakt works with your existing tech stack (doesn’t matter what you use)!

5. Start making calls!

// From Agents to Leaders

Lack of Data Isn't The Problem

All of your qualifying questions, playbooks, and battlecards are provided live on every call for you. No more flipping through notes or forgetting how to overcome an objection. Boost your numbers, save time, improve win rates, and provide an overall better experience on the phone as you’ll be 100% focused on the customer or prospect.
Frontline Managers
Tired of role playing the same thing? Or maybe you need software that can be on every call so you don’t have to be? With Abstrakt, recommended responses are given to agents live on the call to get agents back on track if they get flustered. Plus insights, call scoring, and transcript are provided instantly after the call is over.
Sales Leaders
Boost your team’s meetings booked, improve win rate, and allow managers to spend more time with your agents instead of listening to calls. Hello to Real-Time Coaching software in 0.2 seconds (yes, you read that right!). Goodbye to listening or even whispering on every call. Hello Real-Time software that your agents will love.
// Build Your 24/7 insurance call coach

Configurable and Live in Minutes

Abstrakt offers Real-Time Sales Call Coaching Software powered by the latest in Natural Language Processing and AI. Agents are provided the right information, at the right time, live on the call, or demo all based on what is being said by the prospect or customer.

  • Latest in Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence
  • Proprietary Relative Accuracy Scoring
  • Best in class speech to text accuracy >94%
  • Technology stack agnostic
// Real-Time Call coaching software

Automated Playbooks

No integrations needed!

Playbooks serve to guide agents with the correct questions and how to deal with objections for every possible scenario. 

When Abstrakt recognized a playbook question, it is highlighted in green, moved off the queue, and immediately tags the prospect’s response to that question.

Never forget an objection and get live real-time call coaching that is analyzed & scored after every call.

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Because Sales Shouldn't Suck

Abstrakt Announces 6 New Integration Partners
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Clare Dobson - VP of Marketing

Abstrakt Announces 6 New Integration Partners

Abstrakt, the only real-time call coaching software built specifically for B2B software sales teams, now fully integrates with Salesloft. Now you can have real-time call coaching and automated playbooks on all calls initiated through the Salesloft platform.

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There are a number of software solutions available that can automate and streamline the sales onboarding process… is a critical part of ensuring not only the new rep’s success, but their managers and teams success as well. Sales onboarding software can be a helpful tool for new sales reps. It can help them learn….