What is a BASHO Email and Why SDR’s Should be Writing One

What is a BASHO Email and Why SDR's Should be Writing One
Why do SDR’s target who they target? 

Is it making a high quantity of dials every day, week, and month? And adding a high number of activities like emailing? There are formulas you can count on that will tell you the numbers these sales motions will produce. What do top Sales Performers do that sets them apart? They likely utilize the Basho approach. What is a Basho Email and Why Should SDR’s be Writing One?

Why do people buy?

Listen to this podkast as John Barrows talks about Triggers, Buyer Intent, and Why People Buy.

Excerpt from Podkast:

John Barrows: “We’re actually going to be hanging out this afternoon with Jeff and I. And if anybody wants to check out, take a look at Jeff, It’s M as in Michael J Hoffman.com. It really is about hyper personalization, so it’s about going on your website doing some homework on. 

Not sending any template, canned marketing type emails or canned pitches about how great you are, but really, genuinely looking at you as a business and looking for challenges that you might have and looking for what we call triggers, right, and a trigger could be anything…they opened up a new office, they launched a new product, they merged with another business. 

Whatever those things are from a timely standpoint, and that’s why it’s called the why you why you now? Because if you can answer those two questions, why you? So you know why am I reaching out to you compared to the other five 10-15 people that I could reach out to you in business? And why am I reaching out to you?  Right now versus last week versus last month, or what. If you can genuinely answer those two questions, well, you actually have a pretty good shot at somebody getting back to you.

So I used the approach, it worked, it was just kind of an eye-opener for me as opposed to what I was doing is just cranking out template emails and making generic cold calls.  And I was like, oh, this is. And it was way more interesting to me to actually give a **** about the clients that I was. Actually paying attention, you know that I wanted to get in touch with and so I used the approach and the rest of the techniques to grow us up. We became the fastest growing company in Massachusetts. We ended up selling off to Staples and then I joined Basho as one of the senior trainers.”


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