Yourready on Day One

Real-time call coaching software that does three things for you

  • Automates playbooks to ensure the right talk tracks and scripts are being used
  • Delivers recommended responses all based upon what the prospect says
  • Automates QA and Call Scoring so that managers know exactly which calls to dive into deeper

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The only way to scale

Listening to call recordings, then scheduling time to role play the same things over and over again is reactive and doesn’t scale.

It definitely doesn’t allow you to do “more with less”.

Real-time call coaching software is like having your best rep or manager on every call.


Better to be safe, than sued

Listening to thousands of calls, filling out compliance spreadsheets, and spending hours doing one-on-one coaching are “old school” methods still being used to remain compliant.

Make the jump to our real-time call coaching solution and automate your QA.

Call Scorecard - Agent

Never miss an important detail

Move faster with Abstrakt and reduce the administration work as transcripts and audio recordings are available immediately after the call is over.

Plus your team will never forget to ask the right questions again as Abstrakt provides automated scripts/questions.


The power of real-time intelligence

Every company is focused on exceeding customer expectations while staying compliant with regulations. But keeping track of everything can be exhausting.

That’s where Abstrakt comes in.

Abstrakt tells you which calls need to be listened to and which parts of the call needed to be addressed.

Drive business & performance

Show a quicker time to value to more clients with real-time call coaching software while also decreasing operational costs by automating QA and compliance.

It’s time to make the switch to real-time software today. We’ll show you the ROI our current customers are seeing.


See how companies like yours are using Abstrakt

Johnson & Johnson decreased its average call handle time by 38% and new agents are ramping faster than ever before since using Abstrakt.

8 Reasons Why It’s Worth It

  • With recommended responses, never miss an objection or handle a question incorrectly again.
  • With automated playbooks, always know the right talking points or compliance statements.
  • Automated data entry ensures you always have a record of every conversation.
  • Audio recordings paired with searchable transcripts allow you to find everything you need.
  • Instantly know which calls need to be reviewed for QA or compliance issues.
  • We intentionally use the word configurable, your team could be up and running in days.
  • We’re ranked #1 by G2 for Ease of Use and Customer Support.
  • Abstrakt is the fastest real-time call coaching solution on the market.

You ready? The perfect call is now scalable.