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Chances are our customers were looking for the same things you are…

“We are seeking a way to support our team of collection advocates with a tool that can listen and make suggestions in real-time.“
– Financial Services

“I am looking for a software for my agents that does real-time coaching and analyzes/scores each call. I would like to input our current playbook on how to deal with objections so they can see it while on the call!”
– Insurance

“When it comes to recruiting and even sales, there are many important, high-stakes conversations that happen every week. I need a way for my team to access the transcript immediately after the call is over.”
– Staffing & Recruiting

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The Difference Between Essential & Nice to Have

Call Coaching

Who’s coaching your team when you’re not on every call? Our customers have been able to remove barge, whisper, and other manual call coaching tactics from their day-to-day process.

Automated QA
& Compliance

Abstrakt is just like a QA employee, but better. Imagine a world where software told you which calls needed to be listened to and which parts of the call needed to be addressed.

Real-Time Transcripts,
Audio & Scoring

Transcription that exceeds 96% accuracy. Audio recordings paired with transcripts. And call scoring that removes the manual work of identifying your team’s performance.

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8 Reasons Why It's Worth It

1. With recommended responses, never miss an objection or handle a question incorrectly again.

2. With automated playbooks, always know the right talking points or compliance statements based on the situation your team finds themselves in.

3. Automated data entry ensures you always have a record of every conversation.

4. Audio recordings paired with searchable transcripts allow you to find everything you ever need (without the use of multiple systems).

5. Instantly know which calls need to be reviewed for QA or compliance issues.

6. We intentionally use the word configurable, your team could be up and running in days.

7. According to G2, we’re ranked #1 when it comes to Customer Support.

8. Because it just plain works.

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Abstrakt Announces 6 New Integration Partners
Press Releases
Clare Dobson - VP of Marketing

Abstrakt Announces 6 New Integration Partners

Abstrakt, the only real-time call coaching software built specifically for B2B software sales teams, now fully integrates with Salesloft. Now you can have real-time call coaching and automated playbooks on all calls initiated through the Salesloft platform.

Sales onboarding software_ how to eliminate the pain of onboarding
Greg Reffner - CEO

Sales Onboarding software: How to eliminate the pain of Onboarding

There are a number of software solutions available that can automate and streamline the sales onboarding process… is a critical part of ensuring not only the new rep’s success, but their managers and teams success as well. Sales onboarding software can be a helpful tool for new sales reps. It can help them learn….