Real-Time Call Coaching | A Faster Horse

A Faster Horse

We want more insights, better dashboards, deeper analytics and overall just better reporting as to what’s going on during our sales calls.” Prior to the introduction of real-time call coaching, this is what sales enablement leaders were taught to want.

Always be on the lookout for the next tool that delivers that next level of meaningful insights to use during the next call review session. Sales enablement leaders have been taught that dashboards and insights are the keys to scaling a sales organization.

When Henry Ford was introducing the Model T to the world, he knew there was a common problem. People wanted to arrive at their destination faster. Just like revenue leaders of today’s modern business know they want to get to their destination (a repeatable sales motion) as fast as possible.

Travelers in the early 1900’s wanted to get to their destination faster. The problem was, as Henry Ford is famous for saying “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Revenue leaders today only know one thing – dashboards are used to scale their sales team.

Identifying A Problem

Customers can easily describe a problem but don’t always know how to articulate what the solution should look like. Sales enablement and revenue leaders know they have a problem. Ramp times are increasing, quota attainment is decreasing, and the cost of quality sales hires is going through the roof.

So, the question becomes, should technology vendors ignore what the market is saying?

Countless amazing technologies that we all use today were once shunned by investors, it was only after visionary disruptors introduced their vision to the world that society followed suit and embraced the change with open arms. The world didn’t know it needed a camera, music, access to the internet, and a phone all with access from your thumb until Steve Jobs told us we needed it.

Any B2B software solution should have a fundamental understanding of one’s customers and their pains via observational, empirical, anecdotal, or even intuition; and should also feel free to completely ignore customers’ inputs and feedback.

Dashboards Don’t Close Deals

Conversational Intelligence software providers today are doubling down on their interest to listen to their customers. Sales reps are not doing what they need to do inside the CRM, so instead dashboards to showcase deals are brought into Revenue Insight platforms.

Tasks are not being managed and leads are slipping through the cracks. The goal of sales engagement platforms is to automate behavior to help avoid this.

The result of listening to the market is by and large resulting in products that are providing their service “in any color they want, as long as it’s black.”

Real-time Call Coaching software that works in real-time is the Model T. Or better yet, it is GM coming to market in the 1920s opening up a whole world of possibilities and telling their customer what they should want.

You should want better financing options, you should want the ability to trade in your old car for a new one, and the list goes on…

Is Real-Time Call Coaching Worth It?

Sales leaders should not be building dashboards to report on multi-threaded accounts. They should be deploying software that ensures accounts are multi-threaded in the first place. Sales development reps should not be forced to memorize every single one of your company’s 18 playbooks. That’s just cruel punishment! Cold calling itself is enough of a task.

This is where sales coaching software should deliver the specific playbook at the moment it’s needed, yes that means in real-time. Individual coaching sessions should not only happen once a week, they should happen on every call, every day. Why are SDRs making five-hundred calls a week (sometimes more) and only getting coached once a week on a handful of those calls?

It’s because sales managers are still riding the horse they rode in on, expecting it to lead them to water faster.

Sales coaching software today, specifically real-time call coaching options like Abstrakt are ignoring the market.

Our approach is one of saying “What if you didn’t ever need to review a dashboard again because all your calls were perfect?” What if sales repeatability was as simple as producing the Model T?

Granted, we are not advocating for robots on our sales team, however, we are simply making the argument that just because “it has always been done that way” doesn’t mean it’s the right way.

Sales leaders, it is time for you to think a bit differently.

Abstrakt is transforming the sales world with real-time call coaching software. Are you ready to take the next step? 


Greg Reffner - CEO

As one of the very first power users of Conversational Intelligence as an Account Executive, Greg fell in love with how technology enabled his success. As Abstrakt's leader, his vision and "why" is to help every sales rep and leader avoid the pain of missing their number.