The Current State of Call Coaching


We surveyed over 1,300 people across multiple markets at every level to understand the current state of call coaching.

The results surprised us…


In September 2022, we decided to take a survey to see how companies, just like yours, are handling their call coaching.

We had over 1,300 submissions from individual contributors, managers, directors, VPs, and even CEOs.  The results were intriguing. But ultimately, we wanted to understand the current state of call coaching. 

And now we can share those results with you!

For instance…

  • 58% of people said they are missing 6-10 opportunities each week due to improper qualifications or objection handling.
  • Reps and Managers do NOT agree on ramp time. There is a bigger discrepancy than we thought. 

Download the rest of the results and see if they compare to what your company is doing.

PLUS we give added in some tactics that will only help your team. Hopefully, you can use one or two of them starting today!

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